6 Considerations for buying a house in an alley, you won’t regret it!

6 Considerations for buying a house in an alley, you won’t regret it!

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Owning your own home is everyone’s dream. On the other hand, prices that continue to increase every year make many people have to postpone their desire to own their own home. A house in a street can be a perfect solution for those of you who want to buy a house.In addition to the price that is not as expensive as a house on the edge of the highway, a house in a street also sometimes has a strategic location if you are smart in the choice.

With such advantages, of course, not a few people are interested in this residence.

However, you should know what things to consider before buying a residence on a street.

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6 Considerations before buying a house in the Gang

1. Check Access Enter it

    house in the alley

source: surlenez.com

Sometimes, one of the obstacles to having a house in a street is the difficulty of accessing it.

Not infrequently, people who are not familiar with the environment of the alley think that this area is like a labyrinth.

Therefore, make sure you buy a house in an area that is not too introverted.

The reason is that there are several disadvantages that must be faced if you do not pay attention to it, namely:

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  • It is difficult for couriers to deliver goods to their homes because of complicated access;
  • Taxi bike online those who are not familiar with the alley area find it difficult to find a house; and
  • You have to walk some distance if you don’t have your own vehicle.

2. Check Home Status

One of the things that is often found in the houses in the alley is the status of the land that is not yet in the form of a certificate, but girik land.

The land girik itself is a type of customary land whose rights have not been converted to the state because it is not registered with the Land Office.

Therefore, be sure to look for a house in the alley that is certified property rights.

3. Pay attention to the structure of the environment

The community in the alley is usually more solid than the community in a house complex.

Not rarely even every citizen has a similar livelihood as the owners of food stalls, guesthouses and others.

Therefore, make sure that the gang environment you are evaluating is not a den of prostitution or even a den of drug dealers because such things are not unusual.

If you do a short search on a property site, don’t be fooled by the photo of the house in the desired street.

It would be better if you just came and saw the situation firsthand.

4. Check out the surrounding facilities

house of profit and loss in the alley

source: metro.tempo.co

Before the house is in the alley, you should pay attention to the facilities around it.

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An example is a vehicle storage area.

If you have a car, of course it is impossible to enter it in a house that can only be passed by 2 motorcycles.

Therefore, make sure that there is a safe place to store the vehicle nearby.

In addition to this, make sure that your home has easy access to open green spaces that can be used to exercise in your free time.

5. Don’t be too close to the neighbor’s house

Image result for a wall near a neighbor's house

source: the-syarifs.blogspot.com

Dempetan is one of the characteristics of the alley house.

This is one of the advantages and disadvantages of living in the alley, Sahabat 99.

Having a house that is too close to the neighbors is very dangerous in case of fire.

Therefore, be sure to look for a house that is equipped with a side garden to overcome.

In addition, this also prevents you from seeping through the walls.

This is very important to do because it will be quite difficult in the future to change the design of the house in the alley.

6. Ease in Socializing

Image result for tengaga

source: islampos.com

Get to know the people around the alley before you decide to buy.

If you see the locals welcoming you after a few visits, you may have made up your mind.

7. Pay attention to the structure of the housing community

Image result for rapat rt rwsource: cikopan.blogspot.com

Also make sure that the RT and RW circuit is working properly or not.

If not, usually the environment around the alley becomes unkempt.

In addition, you will not see a lot of cleaning facilities that should be provided.

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Here are some considerations that should be taken into account before buying a house in an alley.

Hope this article is helpful, Friends 99!

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