6 common mistakes when decorating your bedroom

6 common mistakes when decorating your bedroom

Mistakes when decorating the bedroom

Bedroom plays an important role in supporting comfort while resting. However, we often make some fatal mistakes when decorating the bedroom which actually makes the room look claustrophobic and messy.

In fact, it is not difficult to make a room clean, regardless of the size of the available room. The reason is, we just need to choose the type of furniture and arrange it properly.

Various Banners

So, what mistakes often occur when placing furniture in the bedroom?

Well, there are many mistakes that we need to avoid when arranging the furniture in the room, such as the following.

1. Not Displaying Decorations

Even if the room is small, it is not bad to see some decorations to add a livelier impression. You can put displays on top, such as artistic cacti, photo frames, paintings, etc.

bedroom furniture
Use the shelf surface to place displays.

2. Choosing a Side Table Size that is too big

Usually, we use a side table or a night table to put table lamps and clocks. However, avoid using a table that is too high or lower than the bed.

The reason is that this can reduce the beauty of the room and make it difficult for us to reach these objects.

bedroom table
Use a side table or bedside table that has a height parallel to the bed.


3. Putting Too Many Sofa Pillows

The cushions for the sofa can really be a decoration and function as additional pillows to improve the quality of sleep.

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However, putting too much on the mattress actually makes the bed look messy and stuffy. Instead, use only two to three small pillows that match the theme of the room.

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4. Using rugs that are too small

Usually, carpets are used to make the room more spacious. However, if you use a carpet that is too small or the same as the bed, it will make the room look strange.

It is better to choose a carpet with a neutral color that is larger in size to make it look more charming.

room decor
Use a carpet large enough to give a relief effect.

5. Inappropriate Paint Colors

The room should provide a comfortable and fresh atmosphere to be able to improve the mood when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, use wall paint with neutral colors, such as white, light gray, pastel blue, etc.

You can also use it wallpaper walls to make it easier to change the atmosphere of the room when you want.

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6. Excessive furniture

No matter how big your room is, using different types of furniture can make the room look narrower.

Better choose furniture multifunctional, such as using a bed with storage drawers at the bottom, an ottoman chair, etc. In this way, the bedroom will be clean and tidy.

bed tips
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Well, these are some room decoration mistakes you should avoid.

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