6 Characteristics of a healthy kitchen. Create a clean haven

6 Characteristics of a healthy kitchen. Create a clean haven

characteristics of healthy cuisine

The kitchen is a space to prepare meals for the family. There are a number of characteristics of a healthy kitchen. Create conditions like this immediately.

Every day, prepare food for your family, starting from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Home kitchen become a place to prepare all these foods from mixing to cooking.

As a place to prepare food for the family, of course, the kitchen will be a mess all the time.

Therefore, you must be used to cleaning the kitchen after cooking so that it is always clean and in order.

Unfortunately, maybe not everyone wants to clean the kitchen regularly for various reasons.

If this happens, then there are a series of problems that you face in the kitchen, especially the problem of cleaning.

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sign of unhealthy cooking

Healthy kitchen features

1. No smell from the fridge

When you open the fridge or refrigeratorfrom here you will not be able to do harm.

Usually, this happens if you are too lazy to clean the refrigerator regularly, once a week.

The rest of the fish, meat, milk, and others that are not cleaned can cause unpleasant odors.

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You should regularly clean the fridge every week, although you can empty the fridge every now and then.

If you have not, how unhealthy is the food or drink stored in the refrigerator.

2. The kitchen and dining room always in order

When you enter the kitchen and dining roomyou will not see a messy kitchen.

No leftovers in the trash. The table as plates, glasses, bowls, spoons, forks, and others are arranged properly.

Preferably the kitchen has kitchen set making it easier for you to store kitchen utensils and cutlery.

3. Cutlery and Cookware

Imagine if the dishwasher or sink is full of kitchen utensils such as plates, pans and others.

Not to be forgotten, cutlery such as plates, bowls, glasses, spoons and forks are also piled in one.

Make it a habit to wash the tables after eating and also wash the kitchen utensils after cooking.

Make this a habit before you go to bed so that when you wake up in the morning and want to prepare breakfast, the kitchen is clean.

This is another characteristic of a healthy kitchen.

4. Cardboard, Bottles, and More are in the Trash

On the weekend, buy electronics or maybe funny friends at home.

Garbage in the form of cartons or bottles is always scattered in the kitchen. Everything is not placed in the basket that is outside.

If there is a large garbage, immediately put it in the garbage outside the house so that it does not accumulate in the house.

5. No Ants in the Recycle Bin

Look at the basket in the kitchen, how many ants and cockroaches are there.

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Do not make a habit of storing garbage, especially leftovers in the kitchen, even if it is only for a day,

Make it a habit to immediately put the trash in the trash can in front of the house. If there are many ants or cockroaches in the kitchen, this is a sign that the house is not healthy.

6. A lot of articles well arranged in the kitchen

How clean and tidy is your kitchen? Try to look objectively, is your kitchen really clean?

If there are a number of items that are not needed even in the kitchen, it means that you are really lazy to clean the kitchen.

It’s good that you have storage to put things including eating utensils and cooking utensils.

Also make sure that the items in the kitchen are intended for cooking and eating.

These are the characteristics of a healthy kitchen that must be created every time.

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