6 Characteristics of a Damaged Overload Refrigerator You Need to Know

6 Characteristics of a Damaged Overload Refrigerator You Need to Know

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Damage to the refrigerator can be caused by many factors, including damaged components overload. So what are the features? overload Broken fridge? Go ahead, read the full review here!

Ocheck is a component found in every electronic refrigeration appliance, including the refrigerator.

In refrigerators, this component generally serves to protect the compressor in case of an excessive electrical load.

Its interconnected nature with this compressor makes maintenance of components overload no less important than the other components.

The reason is, if there is damage to the components, overloadthe overall performance of the refrigerator will be disturbed.

Well, launch different sources, there are features overload cold broken you have to know, Property People. something?

Features Features Overload Broken fridge

1. Refrigerator Machine Off

Broken refrigerator

Usually, the refrigerator shuts down because the control machine is not working properly.

This can also be caused by overload the refrigerator is damaged due to the amount of dust attached.

Later, dust and dirt overload block the electric current.

For information, refrigeration compressors require a power line.

However, if there is dust on the components overloadthe electric current does not reach the compressor and can cause the refrigerator to shut down instantly.

Therefore, when the refrigerator is off, you can check the components overloadof

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2. Not Cold Refrigerator

The case of the refrigerator is not cold enough experienced by the residents of the house.

Problem This, of course, will interfere and affect the quality of the food stored in the refrigerator.

If you have a cold that is not a cold, this could be one of the characteristics overload cold broken

3. Unstable Electric Voltage

Characteristic functions overload The next faulty refrigerator is the occurrence of fluctuations in the electrical voltage.

This is caused by closed or open bimetallic contacts.

If closed, the voltage will decrease when the compressor is in normal condition.

However, when the component overload using a heater, the voltage will increase dramatically.

The process of increasing this voltage is because the heat received is too excessive for the bimetal to open.

4. Overload Porous

the characteristics of the overloaded refrigerator are damaged

source: phoenixhillna.org

Porosity on overload This often happens because the component is exposed to heat continuously.

Thus, other important elements in the refrigerator, especially those that conduct electricity, can also be cut.

Therefore, the compressor cannot work properly because the electric current does not flow to the compressor, which is caused by corrosion. overload.

This means it is porous overload it can cause the compressor to stop working.

5. Platinum Overload the damned

To find out, overload compound of platinum as a conductor of electric current.

However, over time, platinum from overload it could be damaged.

Usually, the refrigerator motor will continue to work even if the temperature or the temperature of the compressor is very high.

In other words, the temperature will not cut the current if there is an excessive voltage for damage overload.

6. Compressor Keeps Working

refrigeration compressor

As mentioned before, unstable electricity can cause the temperature of the compressor to be hot or high.

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If it is not checked, this can affect the compressor of the refrigerator that continues to work without stopping even if the temperature is too high.

In addition, using the refrigerator for a long time can also damage its components.

To overcome this, it is a good idea to replace the components immediately overload before affecting the overall performance of the refrigerator.


Here is the characteristic feature overload Defective refrigerator to be aware of, Property People.

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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