6 Basic needs to open a coffee business

6 Basic needs to open a coffee business

coffee business

Many people like to enjoy coffee, alone or with other friends. It is not surprising, coffee shops are mushrooming in many places, especially in big cities.

Indeed, the coffee shop business looks quite promising. Also, if you can manage the budget well, the capital spent is not too big.

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Are you also interested in opening a coffee business? If so, of course, there are many things you need to prepare to open a business coffee

So, What are the Preparations for Opening Coffee shop?

Relax, we have made a list of the equipment you need to prepare, in addition to a strategic location.

1. Coffee

Coffee machine it is the main thing you should have. To save budgetyou can choose a manual or so-called coffee maker manual infusion.

However, if you want to be more practical, you can buy a machine expressed. Know about each coffee maker from siphon, warm wave, French pressmoka pot up to hario 60.

The reason is that each coffee has a different shape, way of making and taste.

Coffee preparation manual
Delicia 880 Ml Manual Infusion Coffee Maker – Hitam

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espresso machine
Acepresso 1.5 Ltr Espresso Coffee Maker 1100 Watt

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2. Coffee Grinder

In addition to coffee, choose coffee grinder it is also important to produce the best tasting coffee. coffee grinder it comes in two types namely manual and automatic. The taste and texture of the resulting coffee depends grinder this is definitely different.

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So, you can customize according to your budget and preferences. Here is a recommendation coffee grinder what you can buy.

manual coffee grinder
Kris Coffee Grinders Manual – Black

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coffee grinder coffee shop
Acepresso coffee grinder with burr blade – Black

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3. Coffee beans

To distinguish your coffee shop from other coffee shops, you must choose quality coffee beans to bring out the best taste. After that, you can make a superior menu that does not exist in other cafes.

Also prepare other ingredients, such as milk, sugar and cream. So, make sure you use a jar stainless steel airtight to store these materials, yes.

coffee beans
Acepresso Decaffeinated Arabica Central Java in medium to dark coffee beans 100 gr

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Arabica coffee beans
Acepresso Arabica West Java Medium Coffee Beans 250 gr

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4. Coffee Maker Accessories

In addition coffeeYou certainly need some additional equipment to make coffee, such as a kettle, scales, spatula, timerand coffee filter paper.

Pay attention to the quality and durability of any tool you buy so that it can be used for a long time.

coffee pot
Tea Culture 600 Ml Test Coffee Press Coffee – Putih

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5. Serving Tools

In addition to paying attention to the taste of the coffee, you also have to serve the coffee well. So get ready service tool form mugcoffee cups, coasters and small spoons.

You can adjust the color and model of the serving equipment purchased with the cafe concept. In this way, your cafe will have characteristics and customers can be more loyal.

cups of coffee
Appetite Set 4 pieces Cangkir & Saucer Earthy

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6. Coffee Shop Furniture

Cafes are often places to hang out, study and work. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the comfort in the cafe. The trick is to use comfortable and minimalist coffee furniture so that visitors feel at home for a long time.

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Then, add some room decorations to make the coffee shop look more attractive, such as bookshelves, blackboards and ornamental plants.

coffee furniture
Neo Dacey Cafe Chair – White

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So, these are the things you have to prepare when you open a cafe. With proper preparation, your coffee shop will certainly grow rapidly in the future.

You can fulfill a variety of needs for open a cafe and other businesses through variety.

have a minimalist coffee maker
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