6 Advantages of using wall panels at home

6 Advantages of using wall panels at home

advantage of wall panels
Credit: Pexels/Max Vakhtbovych

Do you want to renovate your home, but don’t want to bother painting the walls? If yes, we can install the wall panels. Usually, wall panels made of wood or plastic are used to cover parts of the wall as a coating or a substitute for paint.

In addition, the use of panels can also function as a means to cover damaged walls, beautify the appearance of the house, and make the room feel more comfortable.

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So, what are the advantages of installing wall panels?

Here are some of the advantages you can get if you use wall panels at home.

1. Waterproof

wall panels
Source: Unsplash / Nico Smit

There are many panel materials that you can find, such as wood and plastic. However, the plastic panels are deliberately designed with a protective layer or a layer of seals located on the back.

The function of this layer is to protect the water from entering and damaging the wall so that it is safe from the threat of flooding. Thus, you can also use panels in wet areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms and near swimming pools.

2. Termite Free

Indeed, not all wall panels can be termite-free. However, there are some that are thought to be resistant to termite attack, such as plastic panels from ACE.

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In this way, all the walls and furniture in the house can be more durable in the long run. Take it easy, the price for plastic wall panels is quite affordable, or around Rp 190,000.

3. There are many designs

wooden wall
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When using wall panels, you can choose a design that fits the style of the room, such as a simple straight line shape, zig zag, up to the unique model. To make the room bigger, choose a vertical design panel.

4. Can Muffle Sound

If you want to build workspace at home to be more focused, then you can install wall panels. You see, the wall panels have a thick texture to muffle the sound.

Thick panels can also make a room warm and comfortable, especially when the air gets cold.

5. Easy installation

Credit: Pexels/Max Vakhtbovych

Easy installation is also a distinct advantage when using wall panels. You can install with adhesive tools, such as heat gun.

6. Easy maintenance

To take care of this, it is enough to immediately clean the stains that remain. Just mix a small amount of mild cleaning fluid with water, then use a cloth microfiber to wipe the stain on the wall slowly.

The best wall paneling tips from ACE

So interested in installing wall panels at home, right? Take it easy, site ACE Online offers several panel recommendations with designs that can be adjusted to the theme of the room, such as the following.

1. Wenge Brown Wall Panels

advantage of wall panels
Maxb 290x16x1.2 Cm Wall Panel Ps 1066 – Chocolate Wenge

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Wenge brown is the name for the brown color that comes from African wood. Wenge brown wall panels are often associated with an elegant and classic look.

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You can buy wall panels made of plastic as decoration in the living room and bedroom. In addition to being resistant to termites and water, these panels are also easy to clean.

2. Brown Wall Panels Nut

advantage of wall panels
Maxb 290x18x2.1 Cm Wall Panel Ps Jf126 – Chocolate Walnut

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The advantage of using brown panels walnut with shades of red is to increase the comfort of a room.

You can also install panels made of plastic as a cap, decoration on the wall, or as a ceiling.

3. Mocha Chocolate Wall Panels

advantage of wall panels
Maxb 29x12x1.2 Cm Dinding Panel Ps 962 – Cokelat Moka

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If you want to install a light color, you can choose mocha brown panels. This color can make the room look more natural and natural. The material is also made of plastic with a size of about 290 x 12 x 1.2 cm.

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