6 Advantages of Portable Fans and their Recommendations

6 Advantages of Portable Fans and their Recommendations

Krisbow 2805 Rechargeable Fan and Emergency Light - White-Grey

Fan portable so one of the concert equipment that should be in your bag, you know! You see, during a concert, there will be many spectators who gather in one area, because the air circulation is reduced.

So, because your appearance is always good even if it’s hot, a portable fan can be the solution. As the name implies, this fan can generate wind without having to connect it to a power source.

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The working mode is similar to the usual type of fan. Just press the button “on“just. In addition to its small size, there are many other advantages if you use a portable fan, you know.

So, what are the advantages of using a portable fan?

Citing from several sources, here are some of the advantages of using a fan portable.

1. Easy to Move

Unique, this fan does not need to be placed in certain places, such as the floor or wall near an electrical switch. The thing is that the operation of this fan uses the battery so it can be a savior when the power goes out.

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However, make sure to charge the battery regularly so that you can use it for a long time.

2. Multifunctional

advantages of the portable fan
Choose one that has a multi-function light

In addition to being able to provide fresh air, several types of fans portable also multifunctional. One of them is a fan that has an emergency light.

So, when there is a lack of energy, you can use it either as a fan or as a lamp. Unique, huh?

3. More Energy Efficient

Did you know that excessive use of electrical energy can affect environmental health? However, compared to other types, the advantages of the fan portable counted more energy efficiency, you know.

So, if you use it, you can play a role in protecting the earth and our environment.

4. Have many Variations

Kris 8 Inch Table Fan 15685 - Black
Choose the variation of the fan as you wish

This fan model has different variations based on different shapes, colors, at different sizes. Well, you can choose according to your needs. If you are going to a concert, choose a small size so you can fit it in your bag.

5. Can be used in narrow rooms

The use of this type of fan does not require a large area, you know. In fact, you can put it right on a small work table. You can also look in any part of the house according to the convenience.

6. Reducing stuffiness

Living in a country that has a tropical climate surely means you need fresh air, right? So, you can use this fan in the summer to feel cool, at home and outside.

Portable Fan Recommendations

This time, we have some recommendations for portable fans that you can choose for yourself.

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1. Memoo Fan with LED Light

Memoo Rechargeable Fan with LED 4000 Mah - Black
Memoo Rechargeable Fan with Led 4000 Mah – Black

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This fan went viral because it was used by Jennie Blackpink when she was hot in a concert, you know! The model of this fan is really interesting because it can be folded up to 90 degrees.

So, for those of you who want to be just like Jennie, you can buy a fan for only 300,000 IDR.

2. 5 Watt Portable Fan

Memoo Portable Rechargeable Fan 5 Watt - Chocolate
Memoo 5 Watt Rechargeable Portable Fan – Chocolate

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Fan recommendation portable the Memoo brand has a simple model, but is equipped with a battery capacity of up to 2,000 mAh. This fan can be active for 3-4 hours of use, so you can take it for a walk.

3. White Portable Fan

Krisbow 5 Inch Portable Fan with LED Lights - White
Krisbow 5 Inch Portable Fan with LED Light – White

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If you want something more multifunctional, you can buy a portable fan from the Krisbow brand. See, this fan is equipped with LED lights. You can put it on the table or hang it, you know! This fan will also be a mainstay if the power comes back out.

4. Portable Fan Clip

Krisbow 5 Inch Portable Fan
Krisbow 5 Inch Portable Fan

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Compared to others, this fan has its own uniqueness because it can be nailed. So, you can hang it on a shelf or a table. In addition, the fan head can also rotate up to 360 degrees.

5. Portable Fan with humidifier

Klaz rechargeable portable fan with humidifier
Klaz rechargeable portable fan with humidifier

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In addition to maximizing air circulation, this fan can also function as a fan humidifier or a humidifier, you know.

Well, this fan can rotate up to 180 degrees and has anti-slip. Therefore, it will not fall easily if you put it on a slippery surface.

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6. Kipas USB

Bear Usb 7.5 Watt Table Fan - Green
Bear Usb 7.5 Watt Table Fan – Green

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Fan recommendation portable The latter has a very different shape because it does not show the blades. Even so, this fan can also increase air circulation, you know!

Here are some of the advantages of using a fan portable in everyday life and their best advice.

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