5 ways to wash off the correct makeup from Beauty Blender. Easy going!

5 ways to wash off the correct makeup from Beauty Blender. Easy going!

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You know how to wash make up beauty blender correct? Don’t get me wrong, learn how here, go!

Beauty Blender is one of the tools make up in the form of a sponge that has different functions, one of which is to apply the foundation.

It has the main function as applicator make upOf course, this object is prone to dirt and the risk of inviting various germs and bacteria.

To be free from germs, then beauty blender it must be diligently cleaned and properly stored.

Here’s how to wash it beauty blender what you can learn!

Should a beauty blender be washed first?

Beauty Blender very often used to apply different types of make up therefore it is prone to soiling.

ideally, beauty blender clean after use. However, this is definitely not possible for many people because they do not have enough time.

Therefore, beauty blender it must be cleaned at least once a week to clean the residue make up and the accumulated soil.

How to wash Beauty Blender Make Up

cleaning beauty blender

1. Prepare hot water and soap

In order to wash make up beauty blenderfirst prepare a cup of hot water and add some soap.

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The type of soap used can be bath soap, hand soap, baby soap, or another soap that is safe for the skin.

When cleaning beauty blenderAvoid using dish soap because its content is too thick for the surface of the sponge and is at risk of skin irritation.

Stir the mixture of hot water and soap until it is thoroughly soaked and foam appears.

2. Wet and Wash Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender must be washed from the method deep clean or clean it well if it is really dirty, has changed color and texture.

After the soapy water is ready, soak it beauty blender for about 30 minutes and make sure that the entire surface is exposed to water.

If the soapy water has changed color to brown, it can be verified that the soil that has settled on the beauty blender he started to get up.

At this stage, measure beauty blender it will become bigger because a lot of water is absorbed.

3. Squeeze Beauty Blender

After 30 minutes, remove and knead beauty blender several times for about 2-3 minutes.

Massage beauty blender evenly and pressed in the palm of the hand to remove the residue make up which is still hanging.

To remove residues make up the most resistant, avoiding the use of abrasives that can damage the surface beauty blender.

Repeat the squeezing and massaging movement as above until the soil that emerges is raised.

While repeating the above movements, sometimes add some soap to the surface to make the process easier.

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4. Rinse and check if anything is still there Make up

By the time beauty blender feels clean, wash with running water until there is no more soap, foam, and make up.

When you rinse, beauty blender It will absorb some water, so don’t forget to wring it out when you rinse it.

Continue to do the rinsing process until the rinse water is clear, not brown.

5. Dry Beauty Blender

If the rinsing process is complete, the final step in cleaning is beauty blender is the drying process.

After rinsing, do not forget to squeeze beauty blender until the water does not drip.

wrap beauty blender Use a few paper towels to absorb the remaining water.

If it is still wet, let it dry for a while.


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