5 Ways to store kitchen spices for a long time

5 Ways to store kitchen spices for a long time

If you love cooking, having a complete kitchen seasoning must be your dream, right? Thus, you can make different types of dishes with a more delicious taste.

However, to maintain seasonal quality kitchen, Of course, we have to store well. So, the species we use are not easily damaged, mold and water.

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So, how do you properly store cooking spices?

In order not to store the wrong species at home, consider the following things to note.

1. Keep away from sun exposure

Usually, the kitchen has a window to facilitate air circulation so that it is not humid. In any case, make sure that your cooking spices are not exposed to the sun, especially for a long time.

You see, direct sunlight can cause the species to be easily damaged, runny, and even moldy. It is better to put the spices on a shelf away from the window.

Krischef Kitchen Seasoning Container
Krischef Kitchen Spice Container – Use a special container to store kitchen spices.

2. Store in a dry place

To be safer and last longer, put the herbs in a dry place. You can store it in a cupboard or kitchen cabinet. Just use one of the partitions in the closet. Another way is to add a shelf on the cabinet door.

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However, make sure that the space in the closet is always dry. This is to prevent mold from growing in the closet.

Here are the tips for kitchen cabinets that you can use at home.

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Prescoot Glass Door Kitchen Cabinet

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Selma Giada kitchen cabinet sets

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3. Pay attention to the expiration date of the immediate seasoning

Each species has a different expiration date. Therefore, you need to organize the species according to the expiration date. Make sure the spices you rarely use have a longer expiration date.

So, cooking spices can also be used and not wasted.

4. Place the spice jars on the rack

You can also transfer the herbs into a jar. Then, arrange the jars well on a kitchen shelf or trolley rack. The most important thing is to choose a pot that can be closed so that the herbs are kept clean.

5. Adjust the container with the type of season

In addition to jars, you can use a container of spices according to their type. For example, use a container with a tight lid to store sugar so that it is not infested by ants. Meanwhile, a bottle-shaped container to store soy sauce.

To store the salt and aromas, you can use a spice container equipped with a scoop, like the following.

The Krischef kitchen seasoning place
The Krischef kitchen seasoning place

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So, this is a way to store spices that you can try to make them last longer and keep your dishes delicious.

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