5 Ways to store good and correct pet food. I must know!

5 Ways to store good and correct pet food. I must know!

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Still don’t know the right way to store pet food at home? Check out the full explanation of how to store pet food below!

When raising animals such as dogs and cats, you, as the owner, must pay attention to the health of your animals.

In addition to providing extra care, you need to stock up on pet food and treats.

However, make sure you already know how to properly store pet food.

This is done so that the nutritional content of the pet food is maintained and prevents your pet from taking food without the permission of the owner.

So, how exactly do you look at animal treats and food?

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How to store good and correct pet food

1. Store in the Original Container

how to store pet food in plastic containers

source: merdeka.com

The first way to store pet food is to keep it in its original container or wrapper.

Storage directly in the container is one of the most practical ways to do this.

However, if you want to store it in another storage box, be sure to include it together with the total packaging.

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This is useful to remember the expiry date and production code of your pet food.

2. Make sure the container is clean

If you want to pour dry pet food into a plastic box, make sure the storage area is clean, dry and has a tight lid.

A suitable lid keeps the food fresh and prevents the animals in the house from taking their food.

In addition, you can paste the information about the expiration date on the outside of the box so that you do not forget when to change the food.

Now, when stored dry food is used, immediately wash and dry the container before using it again.

This method is important to remove residual fat and raspberries from the surface of the storage area.

3. Pay attention to the temperature of the food container

box for storing pet food

source: id.aliexpress.com

The next way to store pet food is to pay attention to the temperature where it is stored.

Preferably, store the pet food in a cool and dry place.

The recommended temperature is less than 26.67 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The area around the container that is too hot or humid can damage the food’s nutrients.

4. Place the Container in a Safe Area

Not all pets are pets and do what their owners ask.

Some of them are often too persistent to steal food when they are hungry.

To overcome this problem, it is a good idea to keep pet food containers in a safe place.

You can put it on cupboards or areas that are difficult for animals to reach at home, such as kitchen shelves.

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In this way, your pet at home will not eat the entire supply of treats at once and is guaranteed not to run out of food quickly.

5. Store Wet Food in the Refrigerator

how to store pet food in the refrigerator

source: tupperware.co.id

To balance the nutrients that pets like cats receive, you need to give them wet food.

Despite providing many benefits, wet food requires special treatment compared to dry food when it is stored.

Unlike dry food, you should not leave wet food dairy products or plastic to be left alone after opening.

To stay fresh, this cat food should be stored in the refrigerator.

Before putting it in the refrigerator temperature to 4.4 degrees Celsius or 40 Fahrenheit.

If it has been stored, make sure it is not more than five days.

The reason is, wet food that has been out for five days has been mixed with air.

This changes the taste and aroma of the food is not too strong.


I hope the discussion on how to store pet food above can be useful for Owners, yes!

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