5 Ways to Store Chilies in the Refrigerator to Last for Months

5 Ways to Store Chilies in the Refrigerator to Last for Months

How to store chilies in the refrigerator at home

To use for a long time, do several ways to store chilies in the refrigerator as the most suitable solution. Read more here!

Of the various home cooking spices, chili is one of the kitchen ingredients that should be at home.

Although the price is high, chili stocks should be fully equipped, especially for those of you who like spicy food.

It is not only stock, the chili storage must also be known so that it can last for a long time.

Stored for a long time, it does not mean that the quality is left alone.

The reason is, if the wrong storage is not impossible that the chili can.

Therefore, how to store chilies in the refrigerator is the right solution so that their texture and freshness are well preserved.

So, how do you keep chilies in the fridge for months in a fresh condition?

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How to choose Chili

Tips for choosing fresh chilies

Source: Umma.id

Chilies can last 2-3 months, although not all can be stored long.

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In fact, there are many types that can only be used for a short term.

In relation to this, there are several ways to choose the best chili as follows:

  1. Look at the brightness of the chili color.
  2. Chili stalks are green and robust.
  3. The shape of the chili is large and straight.
  4. Chili meat feels soft when held.
  5. Smell the spicy aroma.

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How to save Chile in the long run

Keep the pounds off so they last

Source: Cookpad.com

1. Immediately Remove in Plastic

Even if it is easy, the plastic of chili can deteriorate in quality and even rot.

Make sure not to choose a well ventilated, even tightly attached because the inside can be wet and rotten.

So, immediately remove the chili and move the place directly.

2. Discard the Chili Stems

The next step is to dispose of the stems after purchase, keeping in mind that these stems can accelerate wilting.

Look how to cut, with scissors or a small knife on the trunk.

3. Do not wash

If you think of washing the chilies as a solution, then this is considered inappropriate for long-term storage.

The reason is that the water in the chili actually makes the body of the chili more moist and can also speed up the decomposition process.

4. Put in a dry and closed container

To make it easier, you can store it in a tightly closed food container.

So, you also need to arrange the kilos so that they are clean when they have been stored properly so that their quality is maintained.

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5. Add Onion and Chili

So, because it can be used for months, you can store it with garlic so it can last up to three months.

The reason is that garlic has antibacterial properties that ensure that the chili does not go bad, even the time of the spiciness can still be determined.

5 Ways to Store Chilli in the Fridge

How to store chilies in the refrigerator in frozen form

Source: Seruni.id

1. Choose the place of vegetables

Avoid frozen storage for chilies, especially freezer at a temperature so low that it gives rise to frost.

With this you only save in the section cooler with the right temperature so as not to freeze too much.

2. Keep away from other vegetables

You are still allowed to store vegetables with chili in some parts.

In any case, make sure that the container used is different, because the types of vegetables mixed with chili can give a persistent aroma to the refrigerator.

3. Keep away from Dairy Products

Milk is also not a good friend for chili, it can also absorb the aroma of chili so that the spicy taste of chili can disappear.

In this case, milk is a product derived from cheese, yogurt and whole milk.

4. Keep away from fruits that roll easily

In addition to staying away from vegetables, it is better not to store chili in the refrigerator with fruit, especially if the fruit is perishable.

Avoid storing chili peppers with avocados, bananas and tomatoes, because they will also spoil.

5. Do not mix with eggs

Eggs are also a taboo for chilies if they are stored together, even chilies can go away if they are close to this source of protein.

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This is how to store chilies in the refrigerator so that they are durable and long.

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