5 ways to remove lipstick stains from clothes and household furniture

5 ways to remove lipstick stains from clothes and household furniture

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Lipstick that is stuck to clothes and furniture will leave stains that are quite stubborn. Lipstick stains are even harder to remove if left on for days. It is not enough for water, this is how you get rid of the lipstick marks and the ingredients that must be used.

How to remove stubborn lipstick stains

1. Using Soap and Wipes

how to remove lipstick stains

Hard surfaces in the house, such as glass, are often stained with it.

Generally, people remove the stain with water and a tissue and then clean as usual.

Apparently, it would be better if you clean it with a special technique.

The makeup, wet a cloth and then apply the soap.

After that, remove the stained glass lip with a circular motion.

Do it for five minutes until the stain is completely gone, then wash as usual.

If the stain does not disappear, apply a cloth that has been moistened with ammonia.

Clean then wash until clean.

2. Using Toothpaste

Not infrequently, lipstick stains are also attached to the surface of the sofa that wraps from the fabric.

If the wrapping cloth is thick and absorbs stains, it will be even more difficult to clean.

The best way to remove these stains is with toothpaste.

First of all, scrape the stained area of ​​the couch with a blunt knife.

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After that, apply the toothpaste on the surface that has been scraped with a dry cloth and then rub.

Over time, the stain will disappear.

After the stain gradually disappears, the next step, wet the area with water and a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste.

Wipe the entire surface. After that, wipe with a dry cloth.

3. Hair spray

how to remove lipstick stains

The things that are most often affected by lipstick stains are clothes that are used on a daily basis.

Washing with detergent alone is not enough!

So, try to clean the stain using it hair spray or hair drying spray.

Leave the spray on for 5-10 minutes, then wipe the stained area with a cloth soaked in warm water.

Rub continuously until the content hair spray along with stubborn stains removed. After that, rub the clothes under running water.

4. Dish soap

Dish soap material is effective in helping to remove stubborn lipstick stains.

The trick, flip the shirt and stick a few pieces of tissue right on the affected part of the lipstick.

Leave the back of the shirt stained with dish soap, dampen it with water.

Gently dry the back of the shirt for a few minutes.

As a result, the stains on the clothes will transfer to the fabric!

After that, just wash your clothes as usual.

5. White vinegar

how to remove lipstick stains

You can use a mixture of one spoon of white vinegar, one spoon of liquid soap, and two spoons of warm water to clean these stains on the carpet.

After mixing, use the material by rubbing it on the surface of the carpet.

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Rinse and rinse with a clean, damp cloth.

It’s not difficult, right, Property People?

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