5 Ways to remove dust in a room for maximum cleanliness

5 Ways to remove dust in a room for maximum cleanliness

How to remove dust in a room

Find out the steps and how to remove the dust in the room of the house so that it looks optimal every day. Make no mistake!

Dust is a common problem that occurs frequently in all cases.

This soil can come out because the corner of the house is rarely cleaned or rarely used for some decorations.

As a result, soil accumulates in that section.

For stubborn dust, you can’t just clean it.

Because dust can sometimes damage the color of the furniture or electronic devices it touches.

Therefore, you can clean regularly or try to get rid of the dust in the room completely.

The steps are also surprisingly very easy!

Let’s go, let’s look at just 5 ways to remove the dust in the following rooms of the house so that the interior is as clean as possible.

5 ways to remove dust in the rooms of the house

1. Wash Sheets and Bolster Pillows

how to remove dust in the laundry room

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Sheets and pillows that are rarely washed are not only bad.

But it can cause dust that can interfere with the human respiratory tract.

It is a good idea to wash your sheets about once a month so that your room stays clean all the time.

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If you rarely use it, you can wash it about once every 2 months so that the dust disappears from the room.

2. Routinely Mopping the Room Floor

Dust is very easy to hang in many corners of the room.

One of them is a ceramic floor.

The dust on the main floor was carried by the dirty feet when entering the room without washing the stiff.

To keep the floor clean and fragrant, you can sweep it first before mopping it.

This step aims to remove coarse dust from the room.

After cleaning, you can mop the floor of the room with a mop and soap.

You can mop the floor every day to get away from the room of the house.

3. Close the Home Window

how to remove dust in the room close the window

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Some people choose to open their windows all day to get good air circulation.

Behind this, there is a loss that comes, that is, the dust that enters the house.

Especially if around your house there is a home renovation work.

Of course, air mixed with building dust can easily enter the house.

To fix this, you need to tightly close the window in the room.

When you feel hot or stuffy, you can use a fan or AC to cool down.

4. Clean the Ceiling of the Room

The ceiling of the room is the part that is rarely cleaned because it is difficult to reach.

As a result, a lot of dust or cobwebs that appear on the walls of the house.

To solve this problem, you can clean the ceiling of the room with a broom stick or similar.

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To clean the ceiling of the bathroom itself, you can do it once every 1 to 3 months depending on the internal situation of your house.

5. Using Air Purifiers

how to remove dust in the air purifier room

Source: Tokopedia

The last way to remove dust in the room that you can try is to use an air purifier.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, many people have paid more attention to the air quality in their homes.

One of the easiest ways is to use an air purifier.

This electronic device works by filtering the air in the filter it has and exhaling it at a relatively cooler temperature.

To remove viruses or harmful bacteria, you can choose a safer and healthier HEPA filter technology.


These were 5 ways to remove dust in a room so that it is as clean as possible throughout the day.

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