5 ways to read the water meter to know the total use

5 ways to read the water meter to know the total use

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To know the amount of water use at home, of course, you must read the water meter at home correctly. Come on, figure out how to read the water meter correctly so you don’t pay the wrong amount!

The reading of the water meter is the activity of reading the index of the water meter that is visible on the machine or totalist.

The purpose of having a water meter is so that you can determine the amount of customer bills each month based on the volume of use.

There are two methods of reading the water meter, namely manually and automatically.

If the reading is manual, there will be an official who comes to the customer to record the amount of clean water use with a tool called a Portable Data Terminal (PDT).

While the automatic method relies on a mechanical system and is more often used by the residents of the house.

nah This second method requires knowledge to read the water meter.

Do you want to know how to read a water meter?

Read the article below.

5 ways to read the water meter to know the total use

It’s quite simple, open the lid of the water meter and pay attention to a series of numbers and colors.

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The index of the water meter itself consists of two colors, namely black and red.

The functions of these two indices are very different and are expressed in cubic units.

1. The meaning of the red color of the water meter

the meaning of the red color of the water meter

source: tribunnews.com

The first way to read a water meter is to know what the red color means.

The red color is an indication of the liter unit and the proof of the water meter.

2. The meaning of the black color of the water meter

the meaning of the color black water meter

source: dynamicjambi.com

While the meaning of the black color on the water meter shows the unit in m3.

Used as a basis for calculating water bills.

So, on the body display On the other hand, there are several measurement sections with different functions.

3. Odometer

water meter odometer

source: bukalapak.com

This part serves to determine the amount of water from the first time it is used.

Always pay attention every month, otherwise this index will not become a monthly invoice, cook.

4. Big Dial

large size of dial water

source: flows.com

The next way to read the water meter is that there is a large dial.

The large dial is an indication of the unit of clean water you consume.

Do not be surprised by the tick mark between the other numbers, since this symbol is the separator between units and hundreds.

5. Small Triangle Shaped Teeth

touch meter

source: metropolitan.id

How to calculate the next meter of water flow is located on the surface of the meter.

These small triangular teeth are an underflow indicator and can detect water leaks early.

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Standard water meter function

Not only does it serve to demonstrate the total use of clean water, the water meter plays a role for drinking water companies, that’s it.

This is so that the company can continuously monitor the water usage of its customers.

Other advantages of the water meter:

  1. Ensure the amount of fees that customers use for payments
  2. Demonstrate a responsible process for calculating the volume of water
  3. It can give the total cost of using clean water per cubic
  4. It records every water use, so that each customer receives equity for the total cost
  5. Monitoring the volume of use of clean water that comes out of the utility system
  6. It can help detect pipe leaks or serious plumbing problems early

These are the benefits and ways to read a water meter that you can learn.

I hope the above information is useful for you, yes.

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