5 Ways to Overcome a Losing Fish Pond Correctly. Easy to do!

5 Ways to Overcome a Losing Fish Pond Correctly. Easy to do!

how to deal with fish ponds

About how yeah how do you deal with a leaking fish pond at home? Find the information in this article, Property People!

There are many ways to make your home feel comfortable and pleasant.

One way is to make a fish pond.

The existence of a fish pond in the house does not only serve for aesthetic value, but also supports mental health.

The sound of gurgling water, the movement of fish, and the sense of serenity presented in a fish pond bring a level of enjoyment to home life.

That way, if Property People has free space on the page, that’s great here we go introduce a fish pond.

However, many problems will occur if you have a fish pond at home, if the area is not properly cared for.

One of the problems that can occur is a leaking fish pond.

If this problem occurs, of course the owner will be worried that the entire pool area will become muddy and an eyesore.

Don’t worry, if it happens, you can hang on This article is over because www.lacrymosemedia.com has presented tips and how to deal with leaking fish ponds that you can see in the description below!

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How to overcome leaking fish ponds

1. Prepare a Special Place and Move Pet Fish

The first step you can take is to move the pet fish first.

This method must be done carefully and carefully so that the fish are not stressed.

You can move the fish with some pond water.

Also avoid giving new water because it interferes with the adaptation of the fish.

After that, do not forget to dry the pond from the water.

2. Find the Pool Leak Location

After that, you need to find a hole or crack that will cause the pool to overflow.

Mark the holes or cracks with chalk or another marker.

3. Immediately patch the location of the leak

Fish pond repair

Then, you can use a mixture of sand and cement to treat the leaks.

To be able to achieve better results, use components polymer mortar as a leak-proof waterproof lining material that can protect the pool from leaks, both internal and external.

After the mixture is finished and thick, apply immediately to the problem place or the cause of the leak in the fish pond.

Let dry and then grind, wait 24 hours for the cement smell to disappear.

4. Double Check the Patches that have been made

The next way to deal with a leaking fish pond is to add water to cover the old leak that you patched.

Then, you can wait an hour for the patch to dry.

If the water does not decrease and there is no indication that the leak is coming back, you can add more water.

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Then wait if the water is reduced.

5. Stabilizes Pool Water Conditions

Finally, you need to sterilize the water so you can make quality fish.

Leave the water you added earlier for 24 hours.

After that, remove the water, because it removes all the poisons and ammonia in the pond.

Brush the pool and also use hot or warm water.

Rinse the pool again with clean water, then fill it again with water to let it sit for another 24 hours.

So, you can go back to moving the pet fish, huh.


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