5 Ways to Overcome a Hissing Leaky Gas Cylinder at Home

5 Ways to Overcome a Hissing Leaky Gas Cylinder at Home

sizzling gas cylinder

How to deal with leaking gas cylinders must be right and must not be wrong because it can cause a fire. Find out how here!

Installing gas seems easy, but unfortunately there are still many people who are negligent when installing gas cylinders, causing the cylinder to explode.

Also, from the past, we can learn that an explosion can occur due to a slight gas leak.

The most vulnerable point for the leak in the use of gas is at the connection between the regulator and the upper mouth of the gas cylinder.

If the rubber seal of the tube is damaged or stiff, then the LPG gas will leak from the connection, this is the reason why the gas sounds.

This can be fatal because the gas is easily ignited by other sources of ignition, even by a spark from an electric switch.

Therefore, understand well how to deal with the following hissing gas cylinder, that the problem will be solved soon!

How To Overcome A Leaky Hissing Gas Cylinder

1. Avoid Electrical Contact and Fire

gas stove

Source: Pexels

When there is a hissing sound from the gas cylinder, do not start the fire, and make sure that the stove is not lit.

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Also avoid turning on lights or other electrical appliances.

Because, electrical contact or fire, can activate the gas in the room, causing an explosion in the gas cylinder.

2. Unplug the Regulator

Another way to deal with the sound gas is to unplug the gas cylinder regulator that is installed.

Because the gas that collects in the room can cause an explosion and is dangerous to breathe.

Do this immediately when there are signs of a gas leak.

2. Give additional rubber seals to the gas cylinders

The hissing sound may occur because the rubber seal at the mouth of the tube is not thick enough.

Therefore, first remove the gas regulator if you hear a hissing sound.

Prepare a spare seal (can be new or used), tweezers and scissors, remove the rubber seal that has been installed with tweezers.

Cut the new seal about ¼ part using scissors, mreinsert the default seal that was previously removed, and preset the regulator.

If there is no hissing sound, it means that the gas is safe to use.

3. Soak the Rubber Seal in Water

gas cylinder rubber seal

Source: Shopee.co.id

Usually one of the reasons why the gas cylinder leaks hiss can also be found in the rubber seal that is hardened.

To make it softer, soak the rubber seal in water.

The trick, remove the rubber seal at the mouth of the tube with tweezers, reverse the position of the rubber seal, so that the inside is outside and vice versa.

Then soak the removed rubber seal in raw water for 5-10 seconds, then reinsert the rubber seal into the mouth of the tube.

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Then reinstall the regulator, if there is no hissing sound, the gas stove is ready to be activated.

4. Add Elastic Tape to the Rubber Seal

Another cause of the sound of gas when the stove is on, but does not smell is the rubber seal that has reduced elasticity.

Therefore, increase the elasticity of the rubber seal with this method.

Prepare an elastic band or duck tape and also scissors, wrap the rubber seal with adhesive tape 2-3 times.

Cut the loop with scissors, cut the remaining duct tape to the same length as the size of the rubber seal.

Wrap the adhesive tape around the neck of the gas nozzle, insert the rubber seal that has been wrapped in adhesive tape, put the regulator back.

If there is no hiss, it means there is no leak.

5. Cover the Tube with a damp cloth

wet cloth

Source: Unsplash

Not infrequently when the gas cylinder hisses, there is also a small fire around the gas cylinder.

As much as possible, do not panic and stay calm when this happens.

Immediately take a cloth that is around you, wet with water, and cover it on the spark that appears.

Do the same thing on the surface of the gas cylinder.

The wet cloth can extinguish the fire immediately, so you will avoid an explosion.

I hope these tips can be useful!


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