5 Ways to Make Houses 36 and 27 Feel More Spacious. You must try!

5 Ways to Make Houses 36 and 27 Feel More Spacious. You must try!

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The houses of type 36 and 27 are said to not be able to look spacious, who said!? In fact, through the right way, the house can look more spacious and spacious!

Property People, now many people choose a house with a size that is not too big.

It does not matter if the decoration is beautiful and beautifully designed.

You don’t have to worry because with a minimalist and simple home size.

In fact, you can be creative so that every room in your home looks spacious and beautiful.

Curious? Go ahead, check out the tips below!

5 Tips to make Type 36 and 27 Houses Wider

1. Use Bright Colors

white wall paint color

Choose bright colors to paint walls, furniture, furniture or curtains so that the room looks spacious.

For example, white or cream can be a recommendation.

If you want to use wallpaper, use wallpaper with a small pattern.

For the color of the furniture, match the color of the wall paint so that it does not look full.

2. Choose the right furniture

picture of the living room

Choose simple and elegant home furniture so that it does not take up space.

In addition, the tables, chairs or sofas should not have many motifs and ornaments.

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In addition, choose multifunctional furniture such as a bed that has a bottom space, or drawers that can be used for the storage of goods.

3. Choose the right Accessories

home decor

Accessories are used to beautify the room.

Therefore, a narrow room is not a barrier to make a minimalist home more beautiful.

Choose accessories or decorations that do not have many details.

However, don’t get carried away and add too many accessories.

You can add flowers or decorative lights that save energy as a sweetener.

Choose decorative lights that emit white light to make it look bright.

For flowers, choose the type that can provide freshness to the corner of the room.

Place the sweetener in the corners of the room.

4. Reduce the insulation in the house

minimalist house photo

The use of bulkheads to separate one room from another can add to the impression of being cramped.

Yes, you should avoid using bulkheads.

Avoid installing a partition between the living room and the family room, or the kitchen and the dining room.

Avoiding the use of partitions, in fact can give the impression of a wider and more open room.

However, if the bulkhead really needs a screen, choose one that is not permanent so it can be removed at any time.

5. Mirror Addition

house mirror

This is the most popular method used to add a spacious impression to a minimalist house 27 or 36.

The reflection from the mirror makes the room seem as if it is twice as big as it really is.

The addition of this mirror can be applied throughout the room, starting from the living room, the dining room and even the bedroom.

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Therefore, having a house of type 27 and type 36 is not a barrier for you to be creative so that the house looks more spacious and also comfortable.


Hope useful, Property People.

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