5 ways to install thermal insulation of the roof of the house to make it cooler

5 ways to install thermal insulation of the roof of the house to make it cooler

How to install a thermal insulation of the roof of the house

In order to make the house more comfortable, it is a good idea to know how to install a heat sink and the steps to cool it all down!

Indonesia is known as a tropical country with high levels of humidity throughout the year.

High humidity levels will certainly make the house feel hotter every day.

This is because the roof of the house absorbs heat, so the warm temperature spreads throughout the house.

So that the house becomes more comfortable and cool, you can install a heat sink.

How to install a ceiling heat sink?

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How to install a thermal insulation of the roof of the house with Steps and Types

Check the following steps so that the roof of the house becomes cooler and more comfortable:

1. Guidelines for the application of polyurethane materials

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Sunber: polytech-plastics.com

The type of polyurethane or plastic insulation can be the first inspiration that you can apply at home.

Simply spray this heat absorber on the outer layer of the roof of the house.

This type of insulation is initially a liquid which then turns into a foam when sprayed.

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So, wait a while for the foam to come out completely and harden then Property People can leave it.

Hardened foam is not easily damaged or peeled against various weather changes.

The composition is also suitable for all types of roofs, from wood to zinc.

2. How to install thermal insulation of the roof with aluminum foil

Aluminum installation, how to install a heat sink at home

Source: judgehomint.wordpress.com

The next roof insulation material you can try is using aluminum.

The shape is like a regular piece of paper, but it is made of silver which is known to be resistant to heat.

This sheet will be ideal as one of the heat absorbers of the roof.

Properties People can find the following steps to use aluminum foil dampers:

  1. Prepare bolts, scissors, and duct ribbon.
  2. Spread the aluminum sheet on the area of ​​the roof that you want to cover.
  3. Cut the aluminum sheet as needed and glue it on the surface of the roof.
  4. Install bolts or nails on the tile so that it does not move easily.

3. Using Foil Bubble to dissipate heat

In addition to aluminum foil, you can also use it bubble sheet.

Bubble foil is a modification of aluminum foil with a shape that resembles bubble wrap.

The advantage of this roofing material is that the price tends to be cheaper.

Reported by many sites, the price offered bubble sheet ranging from Rp. 700 thousand for a size of 50 meters.

To use bubble sheetmake sure that you have to be more careful with the cut of the roof insulation so that the bubbles do not pop up.

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4. Use Styrofoam

Styrofoam for the ceiling so cool

Source: Indoprecast., id

How to install a heat sink of the roof of the house can also be done with polystyrene panels.

This material is shaped like a wafer, the polystyrene part is flanked by prefabricated panels that look like wooden parquet floors.

In order not to disturb the appearance of the house, Proprietà People can install it on the inside of the roof that is covered by the roof.

It’s easy, just prepare nails or bolts and a hammer.

Then, add the insulation on the roof surface you want.

To make the position more stable, you can put adhesive between the two.

For information, this heat absorber is not recommended for tin roofs because the ability to absorb heat tends to be low.

5. How to Install a Roof Heat Insulator Glass wool

The last option is material glass wool which works to withstand heat and sound well.

Property People can install it directly behind the roof or on top of the roof.

The process is quite easy, you can add an aluminum foil as an additional coating.

Then, stack all the material on the frame of the roof or on top of the roof.

The stacking order starts from the aluminum foil, glass wool just the cover.

Use glue and nails to make sure the insulation is in place.

If there is a gap between the insulation parts, it is a good idea to use leak-proof varnish so that it does not leak.


Here are some ways to install a ceiling heat sink with steps and types.

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