5 ways to get rid of black mold stains on towels. Easy going!

5 ways to get rid of black mold stains on towels. Easy going!

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For those of you who are annoyed with black stains on towels, we follow a number of ways to get rid of black mold stains on this towel!

Towels are one of the household items that gets dirty easily.

Used only a few times, towels that were originally clean can get dirty.

In fact, if you put it carelessly, the towel can grow mold and cause black spots.

This problem eventually becomes a challenge in itself during the towel washing process.

The reason is that, even if it has been washed, the towels are sometimes still dirty.

However, black spots on towels can be treated in many ways that you may not have thought of before.

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5 ways to get rid of black mold stains on towels

1. Perform the Regular Washing Process

towel washing process as usual

The first way to get rid of black mold stains on towels is to do the usual washing process.

First, gently rub and brush the black spots on the sponge.

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After that, wash the moldy towels with hot water or at the recommended temperature on the fabric.

During this process, also add laundry detergent, borax and bleach to the compartment in the washing machine.

If the black spots on the towels have not completely disappeared, repeat the wash cycle.

However, before this, try soaking the towel first for 30-60 minutes in detergent and bleach water.

Do this step before the process of rinsing and squeezing.

Next, towel dry for about 5-10 minutes.

Finally, dry the towels outside, to be precise in the sun until they are completely dry.

The sun’s rays will help bleach the stains, while the fresh air will help deodorize the towels.

2. Cleaning Mushrooms Using Citrus

Citrus is a very effective ingredient for removing black stains from towels, especially colored towels.

How to wash towels with citron is quite easy.

First, dissolve the lemon and a little detergent in hot water, then mix until evenly distributed.

Then, soak the towel for 10 minutes in the solution mixture above.

Finally, rinse and wash the towels as usual.

3. Using White Vinegar

how to remove black mold stains on towels white vinegar

source: my-best.id

The next way to remove black mold stains on towels is to use white vinegar.

This natural ingredient itself is not only effective in removing stains, but also capable of removing bad odors from towels.

To make the recommendations, mix hot water and a glass of white vinegar in a container or bucket.

After that, stir the mixture until it dissolves evenly.

Then, soak the towels in the vinegar solution for 10 minutes, rinse and wash as usual.

4. Using Baking Soda

Are black mold stains making the tablecloth look dull?

Try using baking soda or baking soda which is not used at home.

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First, mix a glass of baking soda with hot water and mix well.

After that, soak the towel overnight.

Finally, rinse and wash moldy towels as usual.

5. Mixing Baking Soda and White Vinegar

how to remove black mold stains on towels white vinegar and baking soda

source: dream.co.id

If you prefer, you can combine baking soda and white vinegar to remove stubborn black mold stains on towels.

To use these two ingredients, just prepare a cup of each ingredient and hot water.

After that, put the towel in the washing machine and fill it with hot water.

Then, add white vinegar and baking soda to the washing machine and run the regular wash cycle.

After the towel washing process is complete, remove and hang the towel in an open room so that the towel dries faster.

Using white vinegar and baking soda not only makes towels cleaner and less moldy.

Also, towels can feel lighter and oil-free.

The Impact of Seldom Washing Towels

Although it looks clean, used towels can store a lot of dirt that threatens health.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to wash the towels after three to four uses.

This is done to get rid of the bacteria that nest in the towels.

If it is not washed regularly, bacteria can multiply.

When you dry your body with a dirty towel, the risk of infection and illness is higher.

How to take care of towels so that black fungus stains do not appear again

how to take care of towels so they don't get moldy

For white or light colors, the cause of black mold stains that appear on towels is an accumulation of dirt and too long being stored in a humid place.

If you leave it for a long time, this can cause the towels to give off an unpleasant smell.

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Therefore, you should know how to care for towels so that black mold stains do not appear again.

Here are the steps that can be taken.

1. Wash towels regularly

The first way to care for towels is to wash the towels regularly.

At the very least, you can wash off this body cleanser once a week.

If not washed, towels can become a gathering place for bacteria and fungi.

2. Use enough detergent when washing towels

When washing towels, be sure to use only sufficient detergent.

Do not wash the towels with a lot of detergent, as this can make it difficult to rinse.

Meanwhile, if the towels are difficult to rinse, stains or soil can be stuck in them and are difficult to remove.

3. Use cold water when washing towels

A good towel wash should only be done with cold water.

The low water temperature can keep the color of the towels well.

Not only that, cold water can remove stains better and is effective in preventing fabric retraction.

4. Do not hang towels in the bathroom

The way to treat towels so they don’t get moldy is to not hang them in the bathroom.

Towels that are hung too long in the bathroom can cause mold to reappear.


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