5 ways to get foxes out of the house, safely!

5 ways to get foxes out of the house, safely!

how to hunt foxes
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Weasels are pests that disturb the peace of the house. Especially if you have livestock like chickens, weasels attack and eat. Usually, weasles hide in attics or roofs of houses and when night falls, they start moving in search of prey.

Also, another annoying thing is that sometimes weasels defecate indiscriminately. If you leave it for a long time, the area of ​​the house will smell. For the man himself, women are a bit dangerous. If you shot it at close range, the weasel may attack or flee quickly. The best way is to take him away from a distance.

There are many ways to get rid of ferrets that you can do. The ingredients used are not hard to find and guaranteed, the badger will last forever. something? Here’s how to get rid of weasels from the roof of the house.

Growing pandan plants at home

Weasel has a self-defense mechanism by emitting pandan aroma from the body. However, the only thing is, the weasel can not stand the smell. With this, you can grow pandan plants at home. There is no need to require large land because the way to plant and reproduce pandan plants tends to be easy. It didn’t take long, the smell of pandanus was immediately felt, and the civets could leave.

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Install the lighting in the attic

The next way to get rid of weasels is to install light in the form of a lamp. Apparently, women are animals that are very sensitive to light. Alias, they are not strong with a beam that is too bright. The brightest and guaranteed weasel will not nest.

The number of lamps depends on the place of installation. For example, in an attic with a large enough size, you can install three to five lights. Meanwhile, if you want to install it in a chicken, you can have one to two lights per cage.

Because the amount is not small, do not forget to use energy efficient lamps. If not, your electricity bill will be lost.

How to get rid of weasels by making traps

Like rats and other pests, rats can also be caught with traps. It’s just that the traps used are not common. Usually, you use leftover meat or food to catch mice. But for ferrets it is different.

Some foods that are believed to be effective in catching weasels are chicken eggs and blood. You can crack the egg and put it in the cup. Meanwhile, for the chicken blood, you just need to put it in the corner of the trap.

Leave the trap overnight. Once caught, you can dispose of the weasel in a forest that is far from the house.

Close all attic gaps

The next way to get foxes out of the attic is to close all the attic holes. Foxes usually enter the attic to find mice as prey.

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First, you can trap mice with regular traps. If it is clean of mice, immediately close the attic hole so that the weasels cannot enter. The material used to cover the hole can be a board that is nailed.

Burning sulphur

The last way to get rid of weasels is to burn sulfur. This method is generally used by people in countries that raise chickens in large quantities. Weasels often hide around the farm, when no one is around, they will immediately attack and eat livestock.

In order not to leave the plate, the sulfur is burned continuously. The pungent smell is believed to keep the weasel from hiding.

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