5 Ways to fix a rice cooker, fast and yellow rice smell. It’s easy!

5 Ways to fix a rice cooker, fast and yellow rice smell. It’s easy!

how to fix the rice of the rice cooker stinks fast and yellow

To get rice cooker what makes the rice yellow? To solve this problem, see the review how to solve it rice cooker the rice smells fast and yellow underneath!

Rice cooker is one of the most frequently used kitchen tools every day.

Therefore, rice cooker susceptible to various problems, such as the appearance of odors and the cause of rice to quickly become stale and yellow.

If this is the case, like it or not, you have to know how to fix it.

The reason is that you can’t keep calling a manufacturer to fix it rice cooker him

Cited from different sources, let’s take a look at different ways to solve it rice cooker the next smelly and yellow rice soon!

5 Ways to Fix Rice Cooker Fast Rice Smells Yellow

1. Beware of electric current

How to fix it rice cooker the first smelly and yellow rice is attentive to the electric current.

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Make sure the plug is connected to the main socket.

If you put the plug into a branch outlet, this will make the electricity flow rice cooker so unstable.

In these conditions, the cookware will not function optimally.

2. Clean Rice Cooker

how to fix the rice of the rice cooker stinks fast and yellow

source: thespruce.com

Water vapor that has seeped into the inside of the lid rice cooker it could be one of the things that cause this kitchen equipment bau.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean the area up to the inside of the lid periodically.

Not only that, it also cleans the inside rice cooker with care until free from germs.

When you have to use it, clean the Teflon part to prevent this problem again.

3. Remove residual moisture in the catchment

Water vapor trapped inside rice cooker it can make the tool dirty.

This can increase the risk of odors seeping into the cooking utensils.

As a solution, try to remove and clean the moisture reservoir.

Make the correction rice cooker this stinky and yellow rice regularly, eh!

4. Unplug the Power Plug Rice Cooker Every Night

Most people will probably leave the caps alone rice cooker plugged into the power outlet at night.

In fact, this habit can be fatal if it continues to be done.

at a moment, rice cooker may emit an unpleasant odor.

To solve this, disconnect at night, especially between 9 am and 5 am.

5. Use Pandan Leaves

how to fix the rice of the rice cooker stinks fast and yellow

How to fix it rice cooker The last smell and the yellow rice is to enjoy the pandan leaves.

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Add a few bunches of pandan leaves when cooking rice using it rice cooker to neutralize emerging odors.

How to prevent stale and yellow rice

1. Wash Rice until Clean

Before collecting the rice rice cooker, be sure to rinse first until the rinse water is clear.

In addition to this, make sure to clean the rice from fleas and other soil that can also be attacked.

2. Use enough water when cooking

The following way to prevent the rice from spoiling quickly is to use enough water during cooking.

If you use too much water, the rice will become soft and break easily.

Meanwhile, using less water actually makes the rice dry and hard.

3. Immediately stir the rice after it is cooked

After cooking, be sure to shake the rice from the top to the bottom surface.

The goal is that the hot steam that settles at the top can spread to all parts of the rice.

4. Transfer to a Plastic Container

If you happen to cook rice, avoid keeping it inside rice cooker one day.

The reason is that the rice can last only 3 hours.

To make it last longer, transfer the rice to a plastic container that is BPA free free

5. Store Leftover Rice in the Refrigerator

Finally, you can store leftover rice in the refrigerator if you don’t have a storage container.

When you want to eat it, you just need to steam it for a while so that it becomes sweet again.


I hope the article how to fix it rice cooker The smelly, yellow rice above can come in handy, huh!

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