5 ways to fix a leaky roof to be safe in the rainy season, satisfactory!

5 ways to fix a leaky roof to be safe in the rainy season, satisfactory!

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How to repair a leaky roof, it turns out that you can do it yourself without having to call a professional service that can drain the contents of the bag. Come, try it yourself!

When the rainy season arrives, anxiety and panic sets in.

Fear of leaking roofs and damaging the roof suddenly.

But calm down, if it happens, you can learn to repair a leaky roof independently, cook.

If the roof of the house collapses and is left unattended, this will certainly be very inconvenient.

Leaks from the roof periodically can cause damage to furniture, such as wardrobes, chairs or other wooden furniture.

The atmosphere of the house is even more uncomfortable because there are many buckets in the corners of the house.

In fact, moments like this actually do not need to happen if you understand how to anticipate leaking roofs and other disturbances.

Therefore, never underestimate the problem of a leaky roof because it can be very annoying and make you feel uncomfortable!

Therefore, take a good look at how to repair a leaky roof that you can try, Property People.

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5 Easy Ways to Fix a Leaking Roof

how to fix a leaky roof

1. Use Water proof

Chow to fix a leaky roof is patch it with water proof because this painting contains liquid which is waterproof so that water does not seep in.

Simply put, water proof useful for patching leaks that are on the roof of the house so that it is no longer a problem.

The changes in the climate every year can certainly cause the roof of our house to leak quickly because of that you should check the roof often and don’t forget to ask water proof.

2. Pay attention to the slope of the roof

The roof of the house is usually designed with a slope so that the flow of rainwater can flow smoothly.

Therefore, if the roof of your house enough sloping and flat, it can cause roof leaks because rainwater slows down and can flood the concrete.

Therefore, pay attention to the slope of the roof which usually varies between 30-40 degrees.

Not only that, it also reduces the connection of the roof because this also has the potential to cause leakage.

If during the construction this has been regulated correctly, you can be calmer.

3. Fix the sagging tiles

Inadvertently, it could be that the roof tiles or cans sag due to strong winds.

If this is the case, you have to quickly put the precariousness in the right place.

This step certainly cannot be done immediately, but must be done periodically.

There is nothing wrong with routinely checking the roof of your house so that problems like this can be overcome sooner, right?

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4. Clean the Gutters

Dirty habits, for example, from the litter of melted leaves prevent the passage of rainwater.

If this happens, of course, the gutters cannot accommodate and drain the water properly because the channel is blocked.

Therefore, before the rainy season, it is a good idea to clean the garbage on the roof of the house that will disturb you.

Don’t forget to check and clean the gutters thoroughly and routinely!

5. Replace Cracked or Destroyed Tiles

The way to repair a leaky roof is to replace a tile or tile that is damaged due to cracks and crumbles.

This can cause a leak that gets worse if left unchecked.

The cracked or destroyed tile can happen because the quality has rotted with age.

However, it is not uncommon for those who forget and leave it without replacing it, so it will be annoying when the rainy season comes.

Recommendations for the best leak proof roof coating

roof covering

1. Polymer or Acrylic

The leak-proof roof coating is a polymer that is very popular in its use.

The method is simply smeared with a brush or roll to the part of the roof you want to cover.

The ingredients are waterproof polymer or acrylic based and has been widely sold in the form of various brands of leak proof paint.

In general, the more elastic polymers are used as roof coverings or leaky roof tiles and acrylic is more commonly used as wall paint.

2. Cement / Liquid Additive

This next leak proof roof coating consists of reinforcing liquid (additive) with a mixture of water and cement in it.

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Although the materials are different, their function is the same, that is to say to make the roof or concrete more solid and waterproof.

Many modern roof models also use this material as a paint coating because the quality is quite good.

Aquaguard, Asanaproof, Pentens, Supercement, are some examples of cement-based roof coatings that are widely used.

3. Bitumen

The ultimate leak proof roof is known as a bitumen roof.

Unlike the two previous roof coatings, this bitumen is based on asphalt, so the choice is more limited.

Therefore, very few modern roof models use this material as their roof.

Bitumen is available in the form of paste and sheet of membrane (rolls) but for the installation itself it is highly recommended to be done by an expert.


How? Interested in trying it yourself at home?

Hope useful, Property People.

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