5 ways to fix a leaking washing machine without a worker. Very Easy!

5 ways to fix a leaking washing machine without a worker. Very Easy!

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Property People, how to fix a leaking washing machine at home is very easy, that’s it. You can also do it yourself without using services service electronics Don’t you believe? Check out all the details here!

Seeing puddles of water around the washing machine certainly causes a sense of panic.

The reason is that this indicates a leak so that the water is not housed perfectly.

So, how do you fix this leaking washing machine?

Go ahead, see the following full review with the causes!

Causes of washing machine loss

due to water leaking from the washing machine

First, let’s review what problems can cause the washing machine to leak or leak.

The main cause of this problem can be non-technical or technical.

Non-technical problems include too heavy a load of laundry, too much detergent, to the habit of manually advancing the timer.

The self-timer advance is usually found in two tub washing machines.

Because we are impatient, sometimes we turn the timer to finish quickly while the machine is still working.

As a result, the washing cycle will be interrupted until the water overflows and drips.

Meanwhile, technical problems refer to pipe leaks, loose connections, dynamo leaks, and others.

5 Easy Ways to Fix a Leaking Washing Machine

1. Follow the washing machine user guide correctly

how to fix a leaking washing machine

If the cause of the leak is a non-technical problem, just change the habit of using the washing machine.

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Learn more about how to use the washing machine by reading the manual provided.

One of them is related to the capacity of the machine’s hose in a wash.

Avoid putting on too many clothes, especially if the type of fabric absorbs water easily.

So, make sure you use the right amount of detergent so that there is no blockage in the drain.

The reason is, these two things can cause the water to overflow and leak out of the engine.

2. Clean the Drain Hose

Leaks can also occur due to a blockage in the hose.

As a result, the flow of water at the final disposal does not flow properly and instead overflows in the middle of the road.

Therefore, make sure to regularly check and clean the washing machine hose.

The goal is to minimize the risk of damage to the washing machine due to the blockage of the ground to foreign objects.

Don’t worry, removing and reinstalling this hose is so easy you can do it yourself.

3. Replace the washer Hose

how to easily fix a leaking washing machine

Can’t find a blockage in the engine pipe, but water is still leaking?

If so, the main cause of the leak is the hole in the washing machine hose.

The way to fix a leaky washing machine because of this problem is to replace the leaking component.

Open the back of the machine and remove the hose attached to the drain.

Then, install a new hose and attach it with cable ties so that the connection is tighter.

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4. Replace the Rubber Washer

On the washing machine front loadTry to pay close attention to where the stagnant or seeping water comes from.

If the main source is a gap in the engine door, then you have to replace the rubber.

This rubber serves to prevent water from seeping out when the washing machine spins.

If the condition is bad, has holes, or even cracked, then this can cause the water to leak.

In addition to the engine door, you can also find water-resistant rubber at the end of the drain.

5. Replace the Washing Machine Dynamo

how to fix a leaking washing machine

Finally, there is a way to repair a washing machine that leaks due to dynamo damage.

The engine dynamo and gearbox may be so old that they are no longer able to hold water properly.

To fix it, you can follow these steps:

  • Roll the washing machine so that the bottom is easy to access.
  • Unscrew all the bolts in the base of the washing machine and remove the base of the machine.
  • Check the gearbox which is held by the bolt on the side.
  • Remove the gearbox bolt and the bolt on the washer tube.
  • Replace the gearbox with a new component that you have prepared.
  • Reinstall all parts of the washing machine tightly.


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