5 Ways to Fix a Fan That Won’t Turn, No Craftsman Required

5 Ways to Fix a Fan That Won’t Turn, No Craftsman Required

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How to fix a fan that does not spin is something that is very easy to understand and can be done yourself. Go ahead, see the steps in this article.

There is no need to call a repairman to be able to repair this equipment.

In addition to saving time, it improves fans that you do not rotate yourself can also save expenses.

Therefore, it is very important for us to know this information.

Do you have a similar problem?

Go ahead, check out the full review of 5 ways to fix a fan that won’t spin and the following maintenance tips.

5 ways to fix a fan that won’t spin

How to fix fan not turning

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1. Remove the Fan Frame

The first thing you should do is turn off the fan and remove the housing.

The fan itself usually consists of several frames, namely a fan protector and a cover for the motor or dynamo in the back.

You need to remove both parts to fix the fan.

2. Check the Dynamo Cover

After removing the fan cover and the dynamo, you need to check the dynamo section because in this section, the fan motor and the player work.

Do this check carefully because there are some parts such as the stator and motor shafts that are easily damaged.

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3. Research Bearing o Bushing Fan

In general, fan damage due to non-rotation is caused by bearings o compassit is not working optimally.

These two components are located on the fan dynamo motor.

Check the dynamo engine, if there has been use of the bearings o compass.

Do this by looking at it with your eyes or by inserting the motor axis into the bearings / bearings then shake left and right.

If loose means bearings o compass worn out.

Let it go bearings o compass then replace with a new one.

Then take it back bearings o compass the new is a motor dynamo.

4. Clean from the Dust and Dirt

After repairing the dynamo motor parts, bearings such as compassyou must also clean all parts of the dynamo motor dust and dirt.

Dust and dirt stuck to the fan engine have the potential to damage the fan’s function in the short and long term.

So make sure the condition of the fan is clean and tidy.

5. Reinstall the Fan

After the motor has been cleaned, you should install the fan and the motor protector on the back so that the fan looks new as usual.

It’s easy, isn’t it, how do you fix this fan that won’t spin?

Even if it is functioning normally again, there are tips for the care of the fan that are no less important to know.

Fan care tips to make it last longer

Tips for fan care

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There are 5 care tips fans to be durable and rarely damaged you need to know.

  1. Clean the fan carefully.
  2. Avoid using the fan at low pressure.
  3. Do not put in water, sbecause water can damage the engine parts, especially on the fan dynamo.
  4. Make sure the cable is in good condition.
  5. Avoid continuous use. Pause for a few hours after prolonged use, so that the fan engine does not overheat.
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Well, that’s 5 ways to fix a fan that doesn’t spin and tips for taking care of it that you may know.

I hope useful and you can do it at home, yes!

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