5 ways to find missing TV channels for all types and brands

5 ways to find missing TV channels for all types and brands

How to find lost TV channels

Find out how to find missing TV channels for all types of TVs according to the brand here!

The government officially replaced analog TV broadcasts to digital TV uniformly in November 2022.

Although all people have to use digital broadcasting, the problem of missing TV channels is still common.

This is because the missing TV broadcasts are not only on analog TV, but also on digital TV channels.

If this happens, how to find the missing TV channels? Read more below!

How to find lost TV channels

1. Manually

How to search for digital TV broadcasts manually

Searching for lost TV shows manually is often used for various TVs.

You can find the following steps:

  1. Press the button “Menu” on far away TV.
  2. Use it far away your TV and press the menu button. Navigate to the section where you can search for TV frequencies.
  3. Set the frequency according to the TV Channel.
  4. Set the frequency according to the TV channel you want, for example frequency 4034 Mhz, H 16600 for Global TV to Telkom 4 satellite.
  5. If you clearly see broadcasts from Global TV, immediately save and close the channel so that you can watch it easily.
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2. Using Help Receiver

How to Attach a Set Top Box to a Tube TV

Source: Suaramerdeka.com

  1. Enter the missing TV show receiver. So, find a name channel The old TV is gone.
  2. Then, it will be replaced with an arrow code and symbol rateshe
  3. After that, enter the new transponder code as in the frequency table. Then, enter the settings of the receiver via far away control on the menu button.
  4. In the installation menu, press “TP List”. then the data will appear numbers. Then press the “Change” button on the TV screen via the remote control.
  5. Enter the code transponder again press the number on the TV remote control.
  6. Be sure to verify the number you entered.
  7. If you feel appropriate, press the “Search” button.
  8. Press “Save” when the lost channel has been found.

3. How to find lost TV channels for Sharp TV users

How to find lost TV channels Sharp

Source: id. Sharp

If Property People are Sharp TV users, you can do it easily without having to use it far awaybut with buttons.

You can do the following steps:

  1. Press the Menu button on the TV.
  2. There are two options namely automatic search and manual search.
  3. Select on automatic search (first choice).

4. How to Find Lost TV Channels for LG TV

For the lost LG TV

Source: LG.com

For LG users, you can do 2 ways to find a lost TV, either manually or automatically.


For the manual method, you can use it far away LG TV in the following way:

  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Then select the TV channel you want.
  3. Select search or track by setting the system to BG.
  4. Last save.
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  1. Press the Menu button on the TV remote.
  2. Choose a TV show.
  3. Set the setting to Auto Search.
  4. Select turbo and wait for the process to complete.

5. For Samsung TV users

best samsung tv brand

Source: Samsung.com

For Samsung TV users, you can search for lost TV channels manually and automatically through the following steps:


  1. Select the Menu button on the Samsung TV remote.
  2. Select the settings menu.
  3. Then press “Manual search”.
  4. And select the Track menu.
  5. Set the system parameters to BG.
  6. save


  1. Press the Menu button on the remote control.
  2. And select Settings.
  3. After that, select automatic search.
  4. Finally, start.

Wait until the search process is carried out successfully, if you have exited the menu by pressing the button come out on the Samsung TV phone.


Here are some ways you can find lost TV channels for all types and brands.

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