5 ways to clean stubborn glass stains, easy!

5 ways to clean stubborn glass stains, easy!

Do not let the stained glass become crusty until it is difficult to remove because it has been left alone for too long. You know that cleaning glass is actually very easy and that the necessary materials are also very easy to obtain. Want to know how to clean stubborn glass stains? Check this article further to get the full review!

5 ways to clean stubborn glass stains, easy!

Clean the glass with alcohol

You can transfer the liquid alcohol into a spray bottle and then spray the liquid on the glass surface. Wipe the entire glass surface that has been sprayed with alcohol, then see the difference. The glass will be clean and all smudges will be removed immediately.

Clean the glass with apple cider vinegar

Mix apple cider vinegar with water in a 1:1 ratio. Then put the mixture in a spray bottle. Wipe the glass that has been sprayed with apple cider vinegar, then the spots on the windows will disappear. If the spots that remain are crusty and very difficult to remove, then use 100% cider vinegar without a water mixture. Guaranteed crusty spots will fade.

Clean the glass with detergent

Besides being effective in cleaning stains on clothes, the detergent can also be used as a way to clean stubborn glass stains. you know! The method is easy, if you use detergent powder, you need to mix the detergent powder with a little water and apply it to the glass. However, if you use liquid detergent, the water mixture is not necessary.

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How to clean stubborn glass stains with toothpaste

You must have toothpaste in your house, right? So, did you know that even toothpaste can be an effective glass cleaner? The method is very easy, apply the toothpaste on the stains that stick. Then, allow a few moments for the toothpaste to dry. After drying, remove the toothpaste with a damp cloth. Without a doubt, even the stubborn glass heels are gone.

Clean the Glass with Glass Cleaning Liquid

Finally, the easiest way to clean stubborn glass stains is to use a glass cleaner that is sold in the market. Just spray the glass cleaner on the dirty glass, then clean it until it is perfectly clean. The glass shines again without stains!