5 ways to clean broccoli from caterpillars. Easy going!

5 ways to clean broccoli from caterpillars. Easy going!

how to clean broccoli from caterpillars

Afraid that there are caterpillars in broccoli when you want to cook it? Relax, learn how to clean broccoli from the following caterpillars, go!

Broccoli is a type of nutritious green vegetable that is consumed by many people because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

However, for some people, there is a concern for the presence of small caterpillars when they want to eat broccoli.

If it is not washed properly, the broccoli is prone to contain soil and there may be caterpillars of broccoli pests in it.

Eating broccoli that also has caterpillars has the risk of causing digestive problems, here we go!

You certainly don’t want to eat broccoli with worms on it, do you?

Learn how to clean broccoli from caterpillars below.

How to clean broccoli from caterpillars

1. Cut Broccoli Based on the Branches

The first step in cleaning broccoli from caterpillars is to cut it from the branches.

Before washing, the broccoli must be cut first so that it is free of dirt and caterpillars.

A broccoli is usually divided into four to five parts to make the washing process easier.

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2. Check the Broccoli Branches

how to clean broccoli

When the broccoli has been cut based on the branches, check each cut carefully.

Check each piece of broccoli and make sure there is no dirt or pests stuck in it.

In addition to this, this control process must also be done to ensure that there are stubborn caterpillars that have eaten some of the broccoli branches or not.

3. Prepare the salted water

The most appropriate way to wash broccoli before consumption is to immerse it in a solution of salt water.

Why should broccoli be soaked in salt water?

The salt water solution works to flush out the pests, including the caterpillars that hide among the broccoli stems.

To soak broccoli, prepare about 1 teaspoon of salt and 100 ml of clean water, then make a salt water solution in a container.

4. Soak Broccoli in Salt Solution

After the salt solution is ready, soak the checked broccoli for about 5-10 minutes.

In the process of immersion, caterpillars or other insects will float on the surface of the water.

5. Separate the Broccoli from the Dirty Water

If you find that there are caterpillars or insects floating on the surface of the water after the soaking process, remove the broccoli and separate it from the water.

Do not return the broccoli to the water that has been used because this can cause the pests to return to the broccoli.

6. Clean Broccoli Using Running Water

how to wash broccoli

After soaking in salt water, the next correct way to wash broccoli is to wash it with clean running water.

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In this process, make sure that all the dirt on the broccoli has been lifted and really looks clean.

So that the broccoli does not spoil, try to wash the broccoli slowly to keep the structure of the broccoli good.

7. Drain Broccoli in a Dry Place

Drain the broccoli that has been washed under clean running water in a dry place.

If it has been drained, the broccoli must be cooked immediately so that the texture is still fresh.

In any case, if you want to store the washed broccoli first, then store it in a closed place and immediately put it in the refrigerator.

This should be done so that the texture of the broccoli remains fresh and crunchy when it is cooked later.


This is the right way to clean broccoli.

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