5 Ways to Clean Bathroom Ceramics

5 Ways to Clean Bathroom Ceramics

To get bathroom Clean and comfortable is the dream of every resident of the house. Unfortunately, sometimes scale stains between bathroom tiles cannot be avoided. However, don’t let the stains build up, okay?

The reason is, the ceramics that are already in the color of the color interfere with the aesthetics of the beauty of the bathroom, and over time become the source of the disease. Also, the soil on the bathroom tile floor can also make it slippery.

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How to properly clean bathroom ceramics?

No need to worry, this time we will thoroughly discuss the methods and materials you can use to make the ceramic look shiny again. Curious, isn’t it?

Go ahead, see how to clean bathroom tiles below.

1. Clean with Lemon

Ceramics that seem dull can also be caused by the age factor, you know. Well, one way to prevent it is to clean it regularly.

You can sprinkle some lemon juice on the tile and then clean it with a dry cloth, as we recommend below. The reason is that lemon contains natural acids that can remove the crust on the bathroom tiles.

clean the bathroom floor
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2. Use the vinegar solution

The next alternative is to use a mixture of 1/2 cup of white vinegar with a liter of hot water. Then, pour on the surface of the tile and clean with a microfiber cloth.

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White vinegar has a natural disinfectant property, which can work well as a tile cleaner. However, it should be noted that this technique is not applied to natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite and travertine.

3. Use solutions Baking soda

Not only lemon and white vinegar, baking soda It is also effective at eradicating germs and stains on bathroom tiles. Content sodium bicarbonate in this material, it can make dull colors bright again.

The technique is also quite easy, that is, just sprinkle it baking soda in the embedded ceramic part. Then, scrub the area with a damp cloth or sponge. After that, wash with warm water until clean.

For maximum results, you can wash off the residue baking soda with white vinegar solution. Here are the sponge tips you can use.

how to clean ceramics
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4. Use Chlorine

In general, chlorine is used to purify water. However, you can use this ingredient to clean dull spots on your skin bathroom tiles.

The trick, simply sprinkle chlorine all over the tiles and leave stand for one hour. After that, you can scrub with a toilet brush and wash with warm water until it is clean.

Repeat 3-4 times until the stains are large, slowly fade and the floor will be clean again.

5. Use a Special Cleaner for Bathroom Ceramics

The ceramic cleaner is the best choice that is simple and guaranteed to be effective in removing stubborn stains.

In addition, the quality of the chemical cleaning content has been adjusted so as not to damage the surface of the bathroom tiles. One of the tips for cleaning the bathroom floor that you can use is Astonish Fresh Breeze Bathroom Cleaner.

This cleaner has been formulated with special disinfectant qualities to remove even the heaviest scales of stains. Liquids are packaged in bottles spray practical and easy to apply.

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So, to make cleaning the floor even easier, you can use a special cleaning brush for the surface of bathroom tile floors, like this one.

bathroom tile cleaning
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This unique design that resembles a triangular shape, can reach even the most difficult corners between the tiles. Also, the bristles on this high-quality brush won’t fall off and break easily even with long-term use.

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How? Apparently, it’s quite easy, isn’t it to clean stubborn stains from bathroom ceramics? However, in order for the results of the ceramic appearance to look optimally clean, you can clean it regularly at least once a week.

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I hope it helps and good luck trying the tips above!