5 ways to clean a toaster. Back Shiny Guaranteed!

5 ways to clean a toaster. Back Shiny Guaranteed!

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Agar toaster at home is not a source of disease, apply how to clean this toaster, go! It’s not that complicated, cook!

Toaster or toaster is one of the electronic kitchen equipment that should be owned by those of you who live in urban areas.

The reason is that this tool facilitates the preparation of toast as a breakfast menu in the morning.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who just use it without caring about the condition of the grill.

Whereas, toaster Well maintained it can certainly last for a long time.

Launch different fonts, check out the following ways!

5 ways to clean a toaster

1. Make sure the Toaster is Off

unplug the power cord properly

The first way to clean the toaster is to clean it toaster it is not connected to the electric current or in a power off state.

This is done to avoid an electrical short circuit.

After turning it off, wait about an hour for the grill to cool completely.

2. Clean the Breadcrumb Reservoir

If you have a toaster with a tray or crumb tray, throw the crumbs into the bin first.

Then, clean the rest with a damp cloth or sponge.

To make the container look cleaner, you can use vinegar and gently scrub with an unused brush if there are stubborn spots.

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3. Flip and Shake the Toaster

how to clean a toaster by turning it upside down

source: timescolonist.com

Meanwhile, if the grill you own has no residue, the way to clean it is relatively easy.

Just turn and shake the toaster slowly so that the soil inside falls out.

In order not to contaminate the kitchen area, do not forget to use the mat as a place to accommodate the bread that fell from the toaster.

4. Clean the inside Toaster with brush

While we tremble toaster, Use an unused brush or brush to clean the inside of the grill.

A brush or toothbrush will really help you in cleaning the difficult areas.

Actually, using these two tools is enough to clean the inside area of ​​the grill.

In any case, if you want, you can also use salt to clean difficult areas with water.

First, insert the crystal salt into the slot toaster

Then, cover the area with parchment paper and masking tape.

To distribute the salt evenly throughout the interior of the toaster, shake the grill up and down.

After that, come back again toaster to remove the crystal salt from the inside toaster

Before cleaning the outside, make sure the inside area is clean from the inside.

If left unchecked, salt can cause iron corrosion.

5. Clean the outside with a clean cloth

how to clean the outside of the toaster

The inside of the toaster should be cleaned regularly because it is in direct contact with the bread you are eating.

Even so, don’t forget to clean the outside of the grill as well.

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The outer part toaster Dirty can make the overall appearance of the kitchen look less beautiful.

To clean, first dissolve a spoonful of vinegar and a cup of water.

Then, soak a small part of a soft cloth and clean the outer area toaster

If there are stubborn heels, use a mixture of water and baking soda to be fried in the body of the roaster slowly.

When there is no one baking soda, You can use a mixture of water and dish soap.

This step does not hurt toaster until the water does not enter the grill.

After cleaning, wipe with a cloth microfiber clean

Before use, make sure the toaster is completely dry before turning it on.


I hope the discussion on how to clean the toaster above can be useful for the Owners!

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