5 ways to choose the right fan

5 ways to choose the right fan

choose a fan

Summer makes the body feel hot and sweaty. Therefore, the fan is very useful to cool the room. In addition, this air conditioner has less power in comparison A.C (air conditioning).

In general, fans uses an electrical power of 103 watts. If you use it for 8 hours a day, then you only spend about 12,000 IDR per month.

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However, the choice of a fan should not be arbitrary, you know. There are many things that need attention, starting from the model, material, to the force of the wind that is released.

So, how do you choose and buy the right fan?

So, to answer your confusion, consider some of the following tips on choosing a fan.

1. Know the Fan Model

choose a fan
Choose the model that suits your needs

Fans usually emit a stream of air that can make the room feel cool. It is not surprising that the types of fans are very different, ranging from wall fans, standing, to those that you can attach to the ceiling.

So, to make it easier to choose a fan model, you need to know the shape of the room first. If the room is big enough, wall fan it could be a pillar. Unfortunately, this model is not transferable.

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However, choose a fan portable if you want to move easily, like the following.

Kris Wall Fan With Remote Control 15493 - White
Kris Wall Fan With Remote Control 15493 – White

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Kris 5 Watt Portable Rechargeable Fan - White
Kris 5 Watt Portable Rechargeable Fan – White

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2. Pay attention to the features and quality

Kris 9 Inch Table Fan with 70 Watt LCD
Make sure you choose the best quality fan

A quality fan is usually durable and also has a rotation speed level that can be adjusted according to taste, and does not produce a loud sound.

Also, the material of the fan is quite thick and sturdy. Finally, check and choose a product that has an official guarantee, OK? So, if the fan breaks quickly, you can still get it fixed for free.

3. Select the right number of Fan Blades

choose a fan
Note the number of fan blades

Generally, fans have 3 propeller blades. The number of these propellers is in the size of the fan of 16 inches or 40 cm in diameter.

However, there are also stripped vents that have 4-5 propellers. The more fan blades, the faster the rotation speed. Therefore, the air produced is even cooler.

4. Know Fan Power and Voltage

choose a fan
Adjust the fan with the amount of electricity in the house

The fan is an electronic item that must also pay attention to its energy consumption. Therefore, you know in advance how much electricity is used when you turn on the device.

Usually, the fans have an electrical power of about 30-50 watts. After that, you can recalculate the capacity of the total electrical energy installed in the house.

5. Adjust the size of the fan with the area of ​​the room

Krisbow Graso 2.3 Liter Steam Fan - Black
The steam fan is suitable for a fairly large room

The wider the room, of course, you need a fan that has a larger diameter. For example, for a room of 6 x 4 meters, you can choose a 75 cm fan.

Well, you can use a wall fan to put it in the dining room and living room. As for the family room, you can use a standing fan.

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You can also use a steam fan, especially if the room is big enough to keep the air cool on very hot days.

There are many ways to choose the right lamp for your home. Well, you can find the best fan models only at variety

We also have fan tips that you can do at home.

Kris Wall Fan With Remote Control 65 Watt - White
Kris wall fan with remote control 65 Watt – white

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Krisbow 16 Inch 75 Watt Standing Steam Fan Lb-fs06
Krisbow 16 Inch 75 Watt Standing Steam Fan Lb-fs06

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Krisbow 7 Inch Emergency Table Fan - White
Krisbow 7 Inch Emergency Table Fan – White

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Westinghouse 56 Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan
Westinghouse 56 Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan

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