5 Ways to Arrange Mattresses on the Floor Without Ladders – Ruparupa Blog

5 Ways to Arrange Mattresses on the Floor Without Ladders – Ruparupa Blog

How to arrange a mattress without a cradle on the floor
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Arranging a mattress on the floor without using a cradle has become a favorite of many people. This method is considered to be able to minimize the use of too much furniture in the interior bedroom. Also, placing the mattress on the floor can also provide comfort.

Besides being easy to move, the mattress can also be seen in the room aesthetic. As long as we arrange it properly

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So, how to make the mattress on the floor not messy?

To make it look clean and comfortable, we have several ways that you can do when you put a mattress on the floor, such as the following.

1. Place the Carpet on the Bottom of the Mattress

Placing the mattress on the floor can easily transform when we sleep. For this reason, we need to use a carpet as the base of the mattress you use.

In addition to maintaining the comfort of the mattress while sleeping, the carpet can alsoit prevents the bottom of the mattress from getting dirty. Choose a carpet with a dark color so that it does not get dirty easily.

2. Use the Right Size of Sheets

If you are not using a crib, be sure to use the appropriate size for the mattress. In addition, pchoose sheets that use rubber on the ends.

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If the sheets are too big, it is easy to move with our movements during sleep. As a result, the mattress on the floor also looks messy. And vice versa, if it is too small, the bed can look untidy.

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3. Using a Minimalist Mosquito Net

In addition to adding an impression aesthetic, Using a mosquito net over the mattress can also make the room look clean. The reason is that this mosquito net can function as a partition between the bed and other furniture.

Mosquito nets can also maintain the quality of our sleep because it can prevent insects from entering and disturbing.

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4. Use Appropriate Furniture

Placing the mattress on the floor means that we need to choose the appropriate furniture. When the furniture is higher thanIn our mattress, of course, it will make the room look messy.

For example, put a small table that is not too high next to the mattress. In this way, the room looks even more comfortable to live.

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5. Use Bedding set

To create a comfortable and clean room atmosphere, you can also use it bed set. Usually, bed the set is equipped with bed linen, pillows, and comforter Jbye, we there is no need to mix different colors accordingly.

In addition to that, bed set it is usually designed specifically for crib-free beds. This is what keeps the room aesthetically pleasing.

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Well, these are some tips to arrange a mattress on the floor to make it look neat and comfortable.

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We also have some tips mattress comfort to improve the quality of your sleep, such as the following.

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