5 Ways of Hebel Plaster so it does not crack and robust for beginners

5 Ways of Hebel Plaster so it does not crack and robust for beginners

hebel plaster method

How to make plaster hebel so that it does not crack and is robust? There are many ways that beginners can do it. See the full mod here!

Brick is a material that is widely used to build house foundations.

There are many types of bricks available on the market, ranging from red bricks, adobe bricks, to light bricks or commonly called hebel bricks.

A type of brick that is widely used is the lightweight brick.

Compared to other types of bricks, the light brick has a number of advantages, such as its light weight and quick installation, especially in the plastering process.

Although the hebel brick plastering process should be fast, there are still many mistakes when doing it.

Don’t let yourself make that mistake.

Because, if it is not done properly, it is not impossible that the wall will crack quickly and cause damage.

To overcome this, there are several ways to prevent hebel plaster from cracking so that it is durable and long.

How what? Check out the discussion together!

Causes of Hebel Wall Cracks

Hebel walls are basically a very sturdy structure, especially if the plaster is done well and correctly.

In any case, the risk of hebel walls can also lurk if it is done incorrectly.

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This is because the quality of the hebel is not good, the installation is not perfect, and the adhesive is still weak.

Over time, walls can crack or become hollow due to less than optimal workmanship.

There is no need to worry, because the Property People can learn practically.

This wall can be strong, as long as the following steps are good and correct.

How to use Hebel Plaster so it doesn’t crack and is more robust

You can follow the various steps for Hebel plaster reported by the following Creative People YouTube channel:

1. Wet the Hebel Wall

Gypsum Hebel

The way to prevent Hebel plaster from cracking is to use layered cement and sand with the right composition so that it is strong and solid.

After the wall work has been completed, the next step is to wet the wall to be plastered.

This is because the Hebel brick is easy to dry and its absorption is also quite fast.

Moisten the hebel wall with a dipper or from the hose repeatedly so that the humidity is maintained.

Then, wait 2 minutes before moving on to the next step.

2. Coat with Cement

Plaster Acian at home

To prevent the Hebel wall plaster from cracking, what the Owner can do is to cover the walls with ordinary cement plaster.

This is because the installation of hebel is very minimal instant concrete and concrete, unlike the installation of red bricks that use a lot of cement mixture.

Therefore, the walls of the hebel must be covered with concrete cement with a roskam, then hit evenly on the stove walls.

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3. Coarse coating

House plaster coating

When plastering the walls, use large patterns.

The goal is that all parts of the wall are united and the pores of the hebel and high water absorption are covered with concrete.

The adhesive power produced is definitely higher and solid, so it doesn’t break easily.

Not a few builders use the kamprot wall technique so as not to easily experience cracks.

4. Plaster with mortar

Mix with cement

If the initial coating has been done, the next step is to plaster the walls with cement mortar.

Make sure the initial coating is completely dry.

Properties People can wait at least 1 day before being stunned.

How to use Hebel plaster to not have cracks, you can make a combination of cement and sand with a ratio of 2:1.

Do the plaster from the top to the bottom so that the first plaster can be watered again without disturbing the top.

Standard minimum thickness of 2 cm for the main wall of the building so that it is more robust to use.

5. Finishing

Finsihing how to plaster Hebel so it doesn't crack

The last step is the process finishing hebel wall with acian.

Property People can do this after the hebel walls are completely dry and continue to keep them moist by sprinkling water.

Finishing The coating must use two layers so that it is clean, smooth, without cracks.

Using layers of paste, at least prepare for the need for additional cement so that the results are perfect.


Here are some ways to plaster hebel so that it does not crack and is robust that beginners can learn quickly and easily.

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