5 Ways and the right time to care for a puppy

5 Ways and the right time to care for a puppy

puppy care tips
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WHO Who just started caring for cute puppies? Yes, as the owner definitely wants to do pet we are beautiful So, activity cure puppies are something that should not be missed.

Grooming is a series of dog care activities that are carried out on a regular basis. There are many advantages of cure what we can have, among others to maintain the health of the dogs, beautify the appearance, to avoid the risk of infection, you know.

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You don’t just have to use professional services to do this cure puppy Wecan also do it independently at home.

In addition, there are many benefits of doing it cure itself, which can save costs, ensure cleanliness, and be able to build a closer relationship between you and your puppy.

So, what are the activities? Grooming Puppy?

If you have a puppy and are still confused about how to do it cure. Don’t worry, in this article we will explain which activities should be done when cure puppy Go ahead, take a look below.

1. Bathe the dog

puppy care Bathing the dog
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Even if the bath is an obligatory activity to make your dog smell better, it is that you don’t have to do this process every day, you know. Bathing your dog too often can cause your dog’s coat to lose its natural oils, making it easy to tangle.

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You see, the natural oils in the dog’s body have the property of keeping the coat smooth and shiny. So, you must be able to wash the dog at least once a month.

If the dog starts to smell, we can use the powder or a special dog perfume. Just sprinkle some powder on your dog’s coat and smooth it to cover the smell. However, Before applying the powder, make sure there are no open wounds on the dog’s skin so as not to sting.

Here is a recommendation for an antifungal shampoo for dogs that you can use when bathing a puppy.

dog care
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2. Brush the dog’s teeth

care of puppies brush the dog's teeth
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In addition to cleaning his body, we also need to take the time to brush the puppy’s teeth. The function of brushing a dog’s teeth is to remove food residues that have accumulated so that they do not become plaque or tartar.

This is useful to keep teeth healthy and prevent bad breath in dogs. You have to do this activity once every day, precisely after the last feeding schedule of the puppy.

M-pets Whitening toothbrush set for dogs
M-pets Whitening toothbrush set for dogs

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3. Clean the ear and eyes

After that, be sure to clean the ear and eyes when cure puppy This you have to do to avoid the infection caused by fungi.

Earwax is usually caused by water getting in. Then, the ear becomes moist, thus increasing the risk of fungus. Meanwhile, the dog’s tears that come out to bathe and keep the eyes clear also make the area dirty, you know.

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4. Cut nails

puppy care Cut the nails
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Long and sharp nails can cause injuries to the dog’s body. Therefore, you need to trim your puppy’s nails regularly.

This activity certainly requires extra practice because the structure of a dog’s nails is different from that of a human. If you make a misstep, you can accidentally hurt the puppies and make them cry.

Well, you can trim your dog’s nails once every 3-7 weeks depending on the length. Use special nail clippers as below.

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5. Shave the dog’s hair

Grooming puppies are shaved
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Every furry dog ​​needs to do this activity to maintain its appearance. Not only that, shaving a dog’s hair can also help prevent hair loss.

Dog hair that is too long can also increase the chances of tangles and clumps. Therefore, you need to regularly shave your dog.

The intensity of the dog’s shaving will depend on the speed of growth. In general, you can do the depilation process every 3-12 months.

However, if your dog is not ready to be shaved, you can just brush his fur regularly to keep it soft and tidy. Here is a recommendation for a dog comb that you can buy.

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