5 Types of puzzle games for children’s intelligence

5 Types of puzzle games for children’s intelligence

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Every parent wants their child to grow up to be an intelligent person. However, children often become lazy to study because they are bored. To overcome this, we can give you many types of puzzle games, you know.

You see, puzzle games are able to sharpen children’s cognitive abilities and creativity. So, your child can play and learn at the same time without getting bored.

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Puzzle games also have a lot benefit for your little one, among others, train your little one’s memory, sharpen problem-solving skills, and train his patience.

So, what are the types of puzzle toys that we can give to our little ones?

Well, this time we have some tips for puzzle games that you can give to your little one.

1. Mieredu Magnetic Puzzle Toys The body and emotions

The first type of puzzle games that can train your child’s intelligence is magnetic puzzle about the parts of the human body. This toy will teach your little one about the parts of the human body, from the external body to the internal organs.

Not only this, this toy is also complete with various collections of emotional images and facial expressions. So what, Your child can learn to express himself in his social life. You can buy Mieredu Magnetic Body and Emotions Puzzle Toys for IDR 490 thousand.

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Mieredu Magnetic Body And Emotions
Mieredu Magnetic Mainan Puzzle Body And Emotions

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2. Kiddy Star Mainan Puzzle Digital couple painting

Puzzle Digital couple painting by Kiddy Star is a type of multifunctional puzzle toys that helps your child learn to recognize numbers, shapes, colors and other images.

This puzzle consists of three circular shapes that match according to the number of numbers in the picture. You can get this fun educational puzzle game for only 49 thousand IDR.

Kiddy Star Mainan Puzzle Digital Pair Painting
Kiddy Star Mainan Puzzle Digital Pair Painting

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3. Mieredu Magnetic Puzzle Toys Preschool teacher

If your child has started to like asking questions and finding his interests, you can give him this puzzle game. This toy consists of puzzle pieces in the form of various equipment needed for a profession, such as clothes, hats and others.

It could be, one of the professions of this puzzle can be an inspiration for your little one in the future, right? You can buy this Mieredu Magnetic Puzzle Toy for IDR 99 thousand.

Mieredu Magnetic Preschool Teacher
Mieredu Magnetic Mainan Puzzle Teacher Preschool

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4. Mieredu My Very Big Mainan Puzzle Letters

Do you want to invite your child to recognize letters and numbers in a fun way? now, puzzle This can be a great letter and number game idea for your little one. Mieredu presents a letter puzzle with a large size that is easy for your child to grasp.

Thus, they can quickly learn and memorize every letter that exists. KaBecause the pattern is unique, this puzzle will make your child feel at home playing while studying at home. You can buy this educational toy for Rp 199 thousand.

Mieredu My Very Big Mainan Puzzle Letters
Mieredu My Very Big Mainan Puzzle Letters

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5. Kiddy Fun Animal Rally Puzzle

You can give this classic animal-themed puzzle to increase your child’s intelligence in recognizing animals, and also improve hand and visual motor skills.

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For only Rp 180 thousand, you can buy puzzles with pictures of animals and their practical storage bags like the following.

Kiddy Fun Animal Rally Puzzle
Kiddy Fun Animal Rally Puzzle

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Here are some tips for the types of puzzle games that you can use as a place to learn while playing to improve children’s intelligence. You can buy the above games only through www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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