5 Types of People Shopping on Twin Dates

5 Types of People Shopping on Twin Dates

type of person when buying

Buying things that we want after a long time is certainly a satisfaction in itself. It is not surprising, shopping is a way relieve stress.

In fact, a person’s personality can be seen by the way they buy, especially when dealing with massive promotions.

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There are people who are quite satisfied when they get their favorite item at a cheaper price. However, there are also those who will be happy if they can buy several items at once.

Well, this time we will share the types of people when they are shopping, especially in the double date promotion.

So, what are the types of shopping people like? Online Promotion time?

Go on, check what kind of shopping person you are when the following online promo takes place.

1. View-Buy Type

The first type of buyer is the look-buy type or after seeing, they immediately rush to buy. People with this type usually like to buy things without much consideration aka impulsive.

Once they see an item they like at a big discount, they will buy it immediately without thinking. Whether the goods will be used or not, of course that will be a matter later.

type of shopping see buy

2. Make Type Wishlist in the Car

Well, if these types of people usually have planned in advance the items they will buy during the double date promotion.

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They will spend a lot of time looking for items on the shopping site. Then, put the desired product in the cart as wish list. So when the promo lasts, they can immediately check out everything

type bikini wishlist

3. Type of installation Alarm

When the promotion date is twins, a lot of store items will usually sell out quickly. Well, this is what causes the team to set an alarm when the twin date is ready. The goal is that they can buy their target item immediately during the peak promotion.

A few hours before the promotion, maybe they are ready in front smartphones or your computer.

type of alarm
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4. The Hunter Flash Sale

Every double date promotion, there must be many shopping sites like www.lacrymosemedia.com which he held flash sale at certain hours.

Well, those who wait flash sale usually they are people who are competitive and like a challenge. You see, we have to compete quickly to get items with special offers within a certain time limit.

kind of flash sale hunter

5. Anti-Loss type

For this one type, even if they are faced with a massive promotion, they are always looking for ways to be able to buy goods more profitably.

Usually, they compare the price of one item with another to find which one is the cheapest.

If possible, they will combine promos and voucher owned purchases to get a bigger discount.

view-buy type of shopping

So, from the various types of people shopping above, which team do you belong to?

Whatever it is, be sure to follow the network double date promo kept www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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