5 Types of LED lights for the home

5 Types of LED lights for the home

Electric LED bulb Change the light in the house

Find the types of LED lights for homes that are commonly used, photo source Unsplash

Lights are one of the important elements in the house to light the dark. The use of LED lights is becoming more and more a trend in society, because LED lights (light emitting diode) is a type of lamp that is considered energy efficient. Even compared to ordinary light bulbs, the energy saving rate of the lamp reaches 90%

There are many advantages of LED lamps, including energy savings when compared to light bulbs, because these lamps use only 1/30 of the energy needed by the light bulb. In terms of price, LED lights are cheaper. The shape of the small lamp and the direction of the lighting are directed so that it does not cause heat in the room. In terms of durability, LED lights are considered durable because they are said to last up to 30 thousand – 50 thousand hours of use.

Now for those of you who are already interested in the use of LED lights, we identify these 5 types of lights that are commonly found for home use.

Types of Super Flux LED lights

LED lamps that are widely used are Super Flux LED lamps. This type of LED lamp is rectangular in shape with a range of 3mm, 5mm, and flat lens sizes. at the billboard. At the same time, the Super Flux 5mm LED has a brighter and unique light compared to other sizes.

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Types of bicolor LED lights

As the name suggests, Bicolor LED or bicolor LED is an LED lamp that can emit more than one color of light. Usually there are 2 different colors that light up alternately in a single lamp. Examples of two-color LED applications are children’s toys, decorative lights and speedometer lights for various motor vehicles.

LED chip on board

The next type of LED is COB or chip-on-board LED. This lamp is a development of the surface LED that is able to illuminate more brightly. COB LEDs have multiple light-emitting chips on a single electronic board, so they emit light evenly and brightly. One of the advantages of COB LEDs is that they do not generate heat and have a long life.

High power LED

A high power LED is a type of LED lamp that produces a very intense light. This lamp is brighter than other types of LED lamps and is known for its many advantages, such as lamp life of up to 50,000 hours of use, environmental protection, no effect of discoloration, and many other benefits.

Organic LED

Organic LEDs or more commonly known as OLEDs are LED lights made of organic components. Unlike other LEDs, OLEDs are very thin and can emit very bright light. OLEDs are more common in smartphonesTVs and monitors.

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