5 Tumbler Features You Should Know

5 Tumbler Features You Should Know

Tea Culture 473 Ml Basic Tumbler Vacuum Flask Wavy

Bringing drinking bottles while traveling, we can prevent the risk of dehydration or loss of body fluids. However, we cannot choose the type of drinking bottle randomly.

Of the various types, you can choose a tumbler-style drinking cup because it offers different functions and benefits. Yes! We can use it to store different types of drinks, such as coffee, tea and mineral water.

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One of the advantages of drinking bottles tumbler it is made of heat-resistant materials, such as stainless steelso that the drinking water we store can support other things.

So, what are the functions of a drinking bottle?

In addition to making a place to drink, here are some tumbler functions that you need to know.

1. Tumbler Function to Stabilize Drink Temperature

stainless steel minum bottle
Tumbler-type beverage containers can keep drinks hot and cold within hours of filling.

The function of a tumbler that is not typical of ordinary bottles of drinks is to stabilize the temperature of the drink. You see, the inside of the tumbler is deliberately designed with an insulating layer that can keep the temperature of the drink stable.

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When you put hot drinks in the tumbler, the coating keeps the heat for a long time. Conversely, when you put a cold drink in the tumbler, the coating maintains the temperature of the cold drink.

2. Tumbler function to protect the environment

Disposable plastic containers are made of materials that are difficult to recycle and can clog landfills.

Of course, by using a tumbler, you can contribute more to reducing the amount of plastic produced and protect the environment. See, the tumbler is made of metal or stainless steel which you can use many times.

3. Easy To Carry Tumbler Function

drinking bottles
Choose the tumbler size that suits your needs

To prevent dehydration while traveling, you need a water bottle that is easy to carry. Well, tumblers have different sizes and water capacities so you can choose according to your needs.

4. Long duration

The tumbler can last up to 1 year, depending on its use. If you clean it diligently, the tumbler can last longer.

Of course, this drinking bottle is quite efficient, because you can refresh yourself with different types of drinks.

5. Save expenses

drinking bottles
By using a tumbler, you can save expenses

The next function tumbler is to save expenses. Actually, the price of tumbler drink bottles is a bit more expensive than disposable plastic bottles.

However, you can use tumbler bottles for more than 1 year, while disposable bottles that you have to replace every day. So, you can imagine how economical it is if you use a tumbler, right?

ACE’s best tips for drinking glasses

After knowing what makes a tumbler, we want to provide some of the best tips that you can find on the site ACE Online.

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1. Tumbler Black 350 Ml

tumbler function
Thermos 350 Ml Tumbler Vacuum Flask – Hitam

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This tumbler bottle is black with a capacity of 350 ml and has a rotating lid that you can open easily. With the material it is made of stainless steelthis tumbler can keep the temperature of the drink up to 6 hours.

2. Tumbler Silver 500 Ml

tumbler function
Thermos 500 Ml Tumbler Vacuum Flask – Silver

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This tumbler that looks like a thermos is made of stainless steel with a capacity of 500 ml. Even so, the weight is still light and easy for you to carry. This bottle can withstand hot temperatures for up to 12 hours and cold temperatures for 24 hours.

3. Tumbler with Strainer

tumbler function
Klaz 350 Ml Tumbler Vacuum Bottle with Filter – white

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For a minimalist look, you can choose a white tumbler, like our recommendation above.

The tumbler bottle from the Klaz brand has a capacity of 350 ml with a filter on top. Take it easy, this bottle is quality food qualityso it is safe for you to use it every day.

4. Tumblers Stainless steel

tumbler function
Kris 450 Ml Tumbler Vacuum Flask – Silver

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You can get a charming and stylish tumbler from the Kris brand for only IDR 100,000. you know.

This bottle is made of stainless steel with a water capacity of 450 ml, and has an insulated layer that can withstand hot and cold temperatures longer.

5. Bright Red Tumbler

tumbler function
Thermos 500 Ml – Red

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The following tumbler tips are from the Thermos brand that can keep hot water for up to 10 hours and cold water for up to 24 hours.

Don’t worry, the water bottle will not condense if you fill it with cold drinks. You can buy a bottle from Thermos for only 200,000 IDR.

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6. Gray Tumbler

tumbler function
Thermos 500 Ml – Abu-abu

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In terms of appearance, this tumbler from Thermos has a minimalist shape that is suitable for work or travel. This bottle is also equipped with insulation technology to maintain a stable temperature of the drink.

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In addition to beverage bottles, you can also find various collections of furniture and household equipment in Ruparupa.

Don’t worry, all the products offered come from famous brands that belong to the Kawan Lama Group, namely ACE, Informa, Selma, Krisbow, and many others.