5 Transparent kitchen ceiling designs, make the kitchen area brighter!

5 Transparent kitchen ceiling designs, make the kitchen area brighter!

Transparent kitchen ceiling design

Do you want to have a bright kitchen area? You can try to apply the following transparent kitchen ceiling design!

Recently, transparent glass roofs are more and more requested by the owners. In general, the roof is located in the residential kitchen area.

Using a glass roof like this can provide various benefits for homeowners.

For example, make the kitchen bright during the day without having to turn on the lights in the room. This, of course, will save electricity costs.

In addition to this, at night you can see the view of the starry sky through the transparent ceiling in the kitchen.

Intrigued by a kitchen design with a transparent roof like the one that is suitable for application in your home?

You can see a collection of transparent roof design inspiration that www.lacrymosemedia.com has collected, here is a picture!

5 Transparent kitchen ceiling designs

1. Tap Skylight

Kitchen skylight ceiling design

Source: Resi.co.uk

Having a skylight roof offers a variety of benefits to homeowners.

You just need to design so that the kitchen ceiling becomes transparent without having to change the layout of the kitchen room.

One of the most common and easy applications is the use of skylights at the end of the roof.

To see the design more clearly, see the image above.

2. Glass ceiling

kitchen glass ceiling model

Source: Pinterest/designsponge.com

The use of glass roofs is suitable for small houses and corridors.

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Using a ceiling pattern like this can make the room, especially the kitchen, appear brighter.

You only need one to two thick glass panels.

The picture of the kitchen above can be one of the inspirations.

3. Extended Transparent Roof

extended transparent roof

Source: decoist.com

Is the size of the kitchen room square and wide?

You can also use a transparent ceiling so that the kitchen area is brighter and not stuffy.

Create a transparent ceiling design that harmonizes with the kitchen window.

As a reference, you can see the image above.

4. Single Transparent Roof Model

single panel transparent ceiling model

Source: decoist.com

For some people, the use of a transparent roof can interfere with the privacy of the owners.

In any case, you can only control it with a single transparent roof model.

The transparent roof is located only in the area near the stove.

You can apply this in your dream home. For design inspiration, see the images here.

5. Circular Transparent Roof Design

extended transparent roof model

Source: decoist.com

This transparent ceiling design is unique and interesting.

The model follows the shape of the kitchen room in the house.

But in this way, the lighting entering the kitchen area is maximized.

You can see a picture of this roof design and make an example.

Recommended Transparent Roofing Products

transparent roofing products

After seeing some of the designs, you are interested in installing a transparent ceiling in the kitchen.

If so, first you should see a number of transparent roof products on the market.

Launching impack-pratama.com, there are many transparent roof products that are recommended for you.

  • EZ-Lock – The latest polycarbonate roof innovation with easy locking system
  • Twinlite Gen 2.0 – Atap polycarbonate multiwall
  • Solartuff – Corrugated and flat polycarbonate roof
  • Alsinite – Bening of fibers Atap
  • Lasercool – Atap pvc vinyl bening
  • Alderon – upvc semi-transparent roof
  • LaserTuff – The newest semi-transparent upvc roof – wider stretch
  • Ecolite – Economical transparent roof made of recycled PET bottles
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It is not only a transparent roof for the kitchen, there is also the canopy inspiration for an open kitchen.

I hope the inspiration of the model above is useful, yes.

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