5 Tips to organize a toilet to always be in order

5 Tips to organize a toilet to always be in order

put the toilet

For women, collection skin care and make up it becomes an integral part. Of course, management toilet with many beauty products.

Of course, kind of make up What you have must be countless, right? Starting from lipstick with many colors, foundationpowder, moisturizer, primer, shadingvarious face care creams, perfumes.

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No matter how big the dresser you have, it always feels missing. This is what sometimes makes the toilet messy because of the pile of things.

If you leave it like that, you can surely forget where you put the beauty product, right?

So, how to organize the toilet?

So, this time, we have some tips that you can do so that your toilet does not get messy easily.

1. Segregate products by type and color

put the toilet
Separate each accessory by type

Separating products by type and color will help you remember what the collections are make up which are owned.

In addition to facilitating the process make up, you can also avoid buying the same thing. Use acrylic containers to separate equipment make up that you have to make it look cleaner.

2. Check the expiration date of the product

With so many products that you have, sometimes you don’t realize that you already have a similar product that has been stored for a long time. Try to check the expiration date and get rid of products that have passed the expiration date.

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In general, most cosmetics will last for a period of 1-2 years, especially for lipstickdust and eye shadow. If the expiration date is not legible, try to remember when you bought it.

If it is more than 2 years, it is better to separate it in a different place. You can use a storage container like the one below.

put the toilet
Krishome Coconut Tree Storage Box – White

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3. Sort the product

put the toilet
Order all the products that are on the dresser so you don’t get messy

The third tip for organizing the dressing table is to arrange the products according to the sequence of use in a systematic way. With a systematic arrangement, you will not be confused looking for the beauty products you need.

Another advantage, the beauty products you rarely use will seem to be on the back. Then, you can start thinking about taking it out of the dresser, either to give it to someone else, or to throw it away if it has passed its expiration date.

4. Use organizer

O Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Box Size L
Use acrylic storage boxes to store different makeup collections

Another way to keep your dresser in order is to use it organizer for the equipment to do on.

You can separate the different equipment to do on by type inside organizer, cups or jars. Unleash your imagination with variety organizer You can use it to organize beauty tools.

In addition to this, you can also use made up of organizers of acrylic material, as below.

Toilet tips
Krishome Kotak Organizer Kosmetik 15.5×18.8×25 Cm

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Toilet tips
Krishome Kotak Cosmetic Organizer 24x15x18.6cm

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5. Proper lighting

Adjusting the lighting on the dressing table is important because it can make it look cleaner. In addition to this, makeup application will also require bright lighting so that the resulting colors look natural.

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You can use minimalist table lamps and mirrors with LED lights, such as the following.

Desk makeup mirror with LED 25x30 cm - white
Table makeup mirror with Led 25×30 Cm – white

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Table makeup mirror with led 30x40cm - white
Table makeup mirror with led 30x40cm – white

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6. Use a round table mirror

In addition, you can provide a small mirror on the towel to make it easier for you when grooming. Choose a round mirror model so that the dressing table always looks aesthetic.

Here are tips for round vanity mirrors that you can use at home.

Toilet tips
2x Magnifying Table Makeup Mirror – Gold

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Toilet tips
2x Magnifying Table Makeup Mirror – White

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These are five tips for organizing a dressing room that you can apply. Don’t worry, you can get everything you need on the site variety.

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