5 Tips to organize a children’s playroom for a small house

5 Tips to organize a children’s playroom for a small house

tips for organizing a children's playroom for a small house

Organizing a comfortable playroom for children requires creativity, especially if you live in a small house. Take it easy, creating a place to play doesn’t just have to be in a special room.

We can too decorate the children’s playroom in the corner of the room. There is no need to worry, this area can also be cleaned so that the house does not fall because of scattered toys.

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So, how to organize a playroom for children?

Well, we have some tips that you can apply to make your child’s playroom in a small house, such as the following.

1. Enjoy the corner of the room

Is there an unused corner of the room? If so, you can turn this area somewhere play the little one. Add only furniture that is safe for your child, such as a children’s play tent, bookshelves, study tables and chairs, etc.

To make it look more interesting and fun, you can put stickers or wallpaper walls with cute patterns, and even add colorful rugs, like the following inspiration.

how to organize a playroom for children
Use children’s rugs with cute patterns and bright colors.

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2. Maximize Vertical Space

Tiny houses are identical to the form of vertical rooms because they are more efficient in terms of space. Therefore, you can use this room as a play area for children.

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Use the wall shelves to put a variety of children’s toys in cute storage boxes. Then, add a child’s chalkboard that is easy to remove, like this inspiration.

children's play area
Choose shelves with bright colored accents and add cute storage boxes.

3. Use Furniture Minimalist

Add mChairs for children spelling and minimalist with bright colors. You can provide several children’s seats so that you can accompany your child to play.

Also, choose a study table that is in the form of a blackboard and is easy to clean so that your child can scribble freely on them.

organize a minimalist playroom for children
Yaris Kids Chalkboard – Blue-yellow

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4. Add Lighting

If the playroom has no windows, we add lighting by placing a table lamp. In this way, your child is more comfortable to play and does not damage his sight at an early age.

5. Combine Elements of Education and Play

Usually, parents separate the play area from the child’s study room so that they can focus more. However, combining these two rooms can really form your child’s sense of responsibility.

In addition to saving space, we can also use it multifunctional furniture. For example, a study table that can also be used as a game mat, as a game of arranging blocks, plasticine candles, and much more.

children's playroom
Use a large enough study table so that the little one can use it more freely.

So, here are some good tips for organizing a children’s playroom to make it look comfortable and fun.

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