5 Tips for the care of kitchen knives at home

5 Tips for the care of kitchen knives at home

care of kitchen knives

The knife is kitchen set which is often used to cut food. Type of knife very different, ranging from knives for cutting meat, vegetable knives, to special knives for peeling fruit.

With the right knife, the process of cutting food ingredients will be easier. Therefore, we should choose a quality kitchen knife and take good care of it. Otherwise, the knife easily wears and rusts.

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So, how to take care of kitchen knives?

To keep the knife sharp for a long time, consider how to care for it below.

1. Clean the knives well

When you are done using the knife, wash and clean each side of the knife with dish soap. Then, remove the knife until it is completely dry. Avoid using it dishwasher so that the knife is not damaged quickly.

If there is a scale stuck to the kitchen knife, rub it with vegetable oil. In the meantime, to remove the smell of fish on the knife, you can rub it with toothpaste.

It is different if there is a vegetable sap attached to it, you can apply cooking oil on a knife and let it sit for a while so that the oil soaks in the sap. After that, wash and rinse the knife with soap.

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2. Store the knife in a dry place

After washing the knife, put it back in a dry and wet place to prevent it from rusting.

However, avoid mixing knives with other kitchen utensils so that they don’t get damaged quickly. It is recommended to provide a knife storage space according to its type and use, as follows.

place of the kitchen knife
Use a special knife storage space to maintain its quality.

3. Use a knife according to function

If you use a knife to cut any kind of food, break the habit. The reason is that knives have different shapes and functions.

For example, a butcher knife has a fairly high level of sharpness because it adapts to the type of material that is being cut.

If you use a fruit knife to cut the meat, this can damage the knife and allow cross contamination.

4. Sharpen regularly

To maintain its sharpness, you need sharpen the knife routine. The more often it is used, the more often the knife needs to be sharpened.

For example, meat knives need to be sharpened more often than knives for cutting vegetables and fruits. Ideally, use a special sharpener to maintain the structure of the blade.

5. Use a cutting board when cutting food

In addition to regular sharpening, you should also use a cutting board when cutting to maintain the sharpness of the knife.

There are many types of cutting boards that you can choose from, such as plastic, bamboo and wooden cutting boards. In addition to being less hygienic, cutting food directly on granite and marble counters will only damage the sides of the knife.

kitchen knife cutting board
Use a cutting board when cutting food to maintain the quality of the knife.

Now you know how to properly care for kitchen knives. So, make sure you choose a sharp and quality kitchen knife.

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