5 Tips for setting a dining table in a narrow space

5 Tips for setting a dining table in a narrow space

Minimalist dining table model Dutton Dining Table Set 4 Chairs - brown
Dutton Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – Brown

The dining room is one of the rooms that is often used to gather with the family while eating a meal. Of course, we still need to make a dining room in the minimalist house be comfortable

Even if the size of the dining room at home is not spacious, we can make it feel warmer. As we have arranged all the furniture of the dining room correctly, including the dining table.

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So, how to arrange a dining table in a narrow space?

You don’t just choose small furniture to save space, you know. Let’s look at some of the following tips.

1. Choose a simple dining table

In a narrow dining room, of course, you cannot use furniture that is too large because it prevents movement. For this reason, we need to use a minimalist dining table andmake sure the dining chair can fit in the table.

In addition, you can also use it Minimalist dining table that can be extended or extendable, so it takes up no space. So, when there are guests visiting, you can use it as an additional table.

set the table dining set Dutton 4 Chair Dining Table Set - brown
Dutton Table Set 4 Chairs – brown

2. Avoid using long lunch tablecloths

In addition to choosing a minimalist table, we also need to limit the decoration on the table. One of which is Avoid using long tablecloths, especially those that almost touch the floor.

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A long tablecloth will make the bottom of the dining table covered and appear full. Of course, this will make the cramped dining room feel more cramped. It is better to use tablecloths on the dining table.

the dining table Runner 33x180cm Eyelet - Sand
Table runner 33x180cm Eye – Sand

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3. Put the knife in a different place

We often put cutlery containers on the table, especially spoons, forks and knives. However, this will make the dining table look full.

It is better to keep it in a drawer kitchen set and just preparen some of the cutlery often used on the table. Use a dining area with a slim model and has a lid so that the cutlery is not dirty, as our recommendations below.

Krischef vase holder - white
Krischef vase holder – white

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4. Use simple decorations on a narrow dinner table

In order not to be tired, you can also add a vase with a beautiful arrangement of bright flowers in the center of the table. However, choose only one decoration on the table so it doesn’t look messy.

In addition to vases, you can also decorate the table with cutlery aesthetic, as our recommendations below.

set the dining table Artificial Flowers 20x20x40 Cm - Peach
Artificial Flowers 20x20x40 Cm – Peach

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Delight Set 10 pieces Teko & Cangkir
Delight Set 10 pieces Teko & Cangkir

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5. Keep the room bright

When placing the dining table in a limited space, make sure that the area has bright lighting, both from lights and light reflections from the windows. This will make the room look bigger.

Also, use light colored table decorations, such as white, pastel, beige and others. Avoid using black decorations because it will make the dining room look fuller.

how to set the dining table
Dutton Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – Chocolate
A minimalist and space-saving dining table set for open spaces.

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