5 Tips for playing with Play-Doh with children

5 Tips for playing with Play-Doh with children

Tips for playing Play Doh

Who doesn’t know Play-Doh? These candle toys that come in many colors can be shaped according to their imagination. In addition to this, playing with Play-Doh can also help your child’s motor nerves from an early age, starting from 2-5 years.

The reason is that the child’s toy will use a lot of hand movements, such as rolling, pressing, and squeezing.

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How to play Play-Doh with children?

To make it more exciting, there are many ways to play with Play-Doh that you can try while spending time with your little one.

1. Select Play-Doh Game Type

a type of play dough toy
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First of all, we need to choose the Play-doh game to use. Therefore, it will be easier for us to find ideas for playing with Play-Doh that are not monotonous, but still educational.

You can invite your child to play roles, from cooking, guessing colors, forming letters and numbers, and much more.

If your child is 2 years old, you can start by giving Play-Doh without heavy mold.

2. Use Base

Tips for playing Play Doh
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To keep your little one comfortable, you can invite him to play on the play mat. Place a flat, smooth surface on the mat so the Play-Doh wax doesn’t stick, making it easier to clean.

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You can also give Play-Doh types of toys in shapes slime. So, your child can play more fun.

3. Let your little one be creative

Tips for playing Play Doh
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Although we monitor our child by playing with him, this does not mean that we have to limit his creativity.

Let your child be free to be creative according to his imagination and desires. In addition, this Play-Doh toy can also have a calming effect on your child.

To make it more exciting, you can also buy Play-Doh that comes with different prints, such as animal prints, kitchen utensils and cars.

4. Use Drafts History

play pasta games
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You can also play with your child with the concept of storytelling or story telling. There are many types of Play-Doh games that allow you to apply this concept, such as sets with trucks and animals.

Besides being fun, this method can also increase your child’s creativity and imagination.

5. Invite to play with Peers

plasticine game ideas
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The game will be more exciting when played with many people. You can invite your child to play with his peers or other family members. So, your child can also learn to socialize with many people.

So, here are some tips for playing Play-Doh with your kids that you can apply. This way of playing can also strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

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