5 Tips for Choosing Types of Clothes Hangers

5 Tips for Choosing Types of Clothes Hangers

A way to make clothes inside wardrobe to stay in order is to wear clothes hanger or hanger However, not all clothes hooks are suitable for different materials and models of clothes, you know.

In addition, the clothing materials are very diverse, ranging from cotton, linen, cloth, there is also denim. As with different clothing models, from shirts, dresses, sweaterjackets, to trousers.

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So, what are the models and types of hangers?

All types hangers usually have different materials and models, as well as with different benefits, as follows.

1. Wooden hanger

This hanger is universal and can be used for all types of clothes. In any case, make sure to use a quality wooden hanger so that it can also be used as a moth repellent, for example. hanger red cedar wood.

wooden coat hanger
Stora Set 8 pieces Hanger Kayu Natural Tube

2. Tabular Hanger

Usually, this stroke model has a big curve, like a tube. This hanger is made of wire and plastic. Hanger Tabular models are more suitable for storing clothes with straps, such as clothes.

3. Molded Plastic Hangers

Different from other hangers, this hanger is shoulder shaped. So, the clothes you keep in the closet won’t fall off easily and leave marks.

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To store pants, use a hanger that has a wire at the bottom.

4. Hangers with bearings

This hanger is often known as padded hook. In general, padded upholstery is best for delicate items, such as satin. Therefore, the clothes remain durable and not easily torn.

5. Hangers Wearing Clamps

To store your bottoms, such as skirts and pants, you can use hangers with clips. Usually, there are two clips on the hook so that the clothes don’t fall off and get damaged easily.

How to choose the right clothes hanger?

After knowing the various types hanger above, we also have advice on choosing the right hook according to the clothing model.

1. Jerseys and Shirts

For T-shirts and shirts made of cotton, you can use hangers in the form of a tube or commonly called tubular.

In addition, there are also some tubular hangers that have indentations so that you can hang strappy clothes.

Well, we have recommendations for tubular appendages that you can choose from, such as the following.

tubular hook
Stora Hanger 40 Cm Aluminum With Clip

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iron hook
Stora Set of 6 iron hooks 40 cm – black

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2. Sweaters and Knitted Materials

For knitwear like sweater, you need to hang it carefully so as not to stretch the tip. Well, kYou can use tubular and wooden pins.

In any case, so that the clothes do not hang, there are hanging rules sweater and other knitting you need to know, namely:

  1. You have to put it sweater on a flat place.
  2. So, bend over sweater vertically and symmetrically.
  3. Place the hook on the hanger in the armpit position sweater
  4. Bend the body and arms through the hanger.
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hanging sweaters
Source: Thehappierhomemaker.com

3. Special hangers for skirts and trousers

For skirts and trousers, it would be better if you use hangers equipped with side clips. This is necessary in order not to damage the belt of skirts and trousers.

As a suggestion, it would be better if you line skirts and pants with paper before hanging on a hanger to avoid pin marks.

The following is a recommendation for a model of a clothes hook with a quality side clip.

trouser hook
Stora Set 3 Pcs Hanger For Pants

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skirt and trousers hooks
Stora Stainless Steel Hanger for Pants – Black

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4. Heavy stuff

Coats, jackets and dresses are generally considered heavy clothing. For these heavy clothes, you need a strong and thick hanger, like a wooden hanger.

Wooden hangers allow space for clothes to avoid friction between materials, which can make clothes last longer. Also, wooden pins are quite durable and not easily damaged.

We have recommendations for wooden hanger materials that you can choose from below.

wooden coat hanger
Kris Set Hanger Cross Bar & Ring 5 Pcs – Wood

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clothes hanger
Wooden hangers for clothes

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5. Strappy Dresses and Delicate Clothing

Padded hangers are best for clothes with delicate fabrics and clothes with thongs.

The cushion on the hanger is made of soft foam. The function of this pad hanger is to maintain the quality of the clothes and not tear them easily.

foam hook
Foam Coated Iron Stora Hanger with Clip

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Come on, start putting your clothes in order now!

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