5 Tips for Choosing the Most Aesthetic Eco Friendly Furniture

5 Tips for Choosing the Most Aesthetic Eco Friendly Furniture

Tips on choosing ecological furniture

Having a luxurious residence, but also being environmentally friendly is no longer impossible. The reason is that now you can choose furniture ecological as well as inside the house.

However, you know about the term ecological? In short, ewith friendly is an ecological term that refers to products that use raw materials that are not harmful to the environment.

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Well, if we have a home ecological, Of course, we can make a very big contribution to reducing environmental pollution, such as air, water and land pollution. The concept of housing as this is often called green living house.

So, how to choose an eco-friendly furniture?

The easiest way to make the house more ecological can be started by the choice of home furniture. It is time we need to reduce the constant replacement of furniture because this can cause domestic waste.

Here are some ways to choose eco-friendly furniture that you can do.

1. Use Wood Material Furniture

wooden furniture
Informa Magnum Rectangle Guest Table – Oak Brown

Using wood material here, not from illegal logging. Wooden furniture ecological they usually come from certified forest managers who plant the trees specifically to harvest their wood products.

Producers of ecological wood must have a certificate with the logo Forest Management Council (FSC). Usually, type of wood which are durable and strong are teak and mahogany. So, you don’t need to change the furniture often in your home.

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2. Bamboo material as an alternative

bamboo furniture
Source: pinterest.com

If you are not sure about using wood because of forest destruction issues, you can use bamboo furniture as an alternative.

No need to worry, bamboo has a faster regeneration time than wood in general.

In addition to this, bamboo is also a natural material that is environmentally friendly and can be made into various types of aesthetic furniture for your home.

3. Furniture Water based finish

water based finish
Source: pinterest.com

Choose the type of furniture with water based finish, i.e. using wood grain paint. The use of liquids for wooden furniture is more ecological compared to solvent based. The thing is that it does not contain harmful chemicals.

4. Performance Furniture Recycle Used items

ecological furniture
Source: inhabitat.com

If you are confused about whether to buy new furniture or not, you can recycle used items. You can turn these used items into beautiful new furniture for your home, for example, an old wardrobe that is used as a planter.

Draft recycle This has been widely applied to modern industrial style houses. So, you don’t need to be ashamed of doing it, it’s okay!

5. Disassemble Furniture

eoo friendly furniture
Selma Lazio 2 Chair Folding Dining Table – Brown

As the name implies, this disassembled furniture consists of certain parts that you can assemble, such as a folding table and a wooden cradle. This type of furniture is written a lot ecological because you can take it anywhere easily and it does not increase waste in the environment.

Furniture tips Eco Friendly Quality

Don’t worry, we also have some furniture tips ecological which you can get through shopping sites online form, such as the following.

choose ecological furniture
Michi Talenan 2 piece kitchen color set

Only 100 thousand IDR

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Ecological furniture tips
Bamboo laundry basket 39×60 cm

Only 220 thousand IDR

ecological furniture
Information 42x31x24 Cm Set 4 Pcs Rak Tanaman

Only 490 thousand IDR

ecological furniture
Kingswere Amber Lemari Buffet

Only IDR 16 million

So, here are some guidelines for choosing furniture ecological and advice on furniture you can buy.

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