5 Tips for Buying a New First Home for Millennials

5 Tips for Buying a New First Home for Millennials

Owning a first home is the dream of many people. Therefore, when buy a new house we can’t be wrong. Also, home is a place we live for a long time, especially for newly married couples.

In fact, there are many stages that we need to go through to buy our first home, from choosing a place, determining the price, to the model of the house we are looking for. Although it takes a long time, of course, we feel more satisfied if we choose the right place to live.

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So, how to buy a first home?

Well, this time, we have some tips for buying a comfortable place to live, especially for millennials.

1. Determine the Budget

The first and most important thing is to determine the budget according to your financial capabilities. Yes! Either use the mortgage system (installment) or cashYou don’t need to force yourself to get a big and spacious house if your budget is limited.

See, this actually makes the expenses even more inflated. Don’t worry, house prices also vary, from Rp. 300 million to Rp. 2 billion, depending on the location, area and model.

2. Determine the Building Area

After determining the budget, then we can choose the type and area of ​​the building. For smaller buildings, it usually ranges from 5 × 10 square meters to 6 × 12 square meters. There are also 36 types of houses that have a building area of ​​about 36 square meters.

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To make it easier, you can set the size based on the number of family members. For example, if you are newly married and have no children, a house of type 21 or tip36 is still comfortable to be your first home.

Tips for choosing a new home
Determine the right area of ​​the house according to the budget with the number of family members

3. Choose the right place

After knowing the budget and the size, the next step is to choose a place that suits your needs, either near the office or public transport.

If you don’t want to come late to the office because it is tens of kilometers away, maybe choosing a place near the office is the right one.

However, also pay attention to the location of the housing. Make sure that the place is not prone to flooding if it is the rainy season and has good security.

4. Consider ease of access

After that, also consider the convenience of its location with access to various public transportation, such as Transjakarta bus stations, train stations, to MRT stations.If you have a private vehicle, access near the worst road can provide convenience.

Also, choose a residential area that is close enough to market or supermarket facilities to make it easier for us to meet our daily needs.

5. Determine the type of housing

There are two types of accommodation you can choose from, namely: cluster modern and classic or antique accommodation. Of course, each type of housing has its advantages and disadvantages.

For the type clusters, we can usually occupy the house immediately and we don’t need to renovate it. house construction cluster usually uniform and already have complete structures, such as an area jogging, swimming pool, playground, etc. You just need to choose the model of the house and its access.

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While classic or ancient housing is usually closer to various facilities, the location is also more strategic. However, we need itconsider the more expensive to renovate as the building is older.

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The first house must be adapted to our needs.

Here are five things you need to consider when choosing a new home for the first time.

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