5 Tips for a minimalist dining table decoration for Chinese New Year

5 Tips for a minimalist dining table decoration for Chinese New Year

Minimalist dining table decoration

Imlek or Chinese New Year is a celebration of the change of season that is celebrated by the Chinese community or the Chinese people in Indonesia. One of tradition what is often done to celebrate is to eat with the family.

So, when you have a family meal at home, of course, we need to decorate a minimalist table to be more festive.

Various Banners

Usually, the decorations we use are all red. You see, the color red is considered to bring good luck in the Chinese New Year.

So, how to decorate a minimalist table for Chinese New Year?

This time, we have many ways to decorate a minimalist table to celebrate the Chinese New Year at home.

1. Minimalist dining table decoration with Table runner

Minimalist dining table decoration
Use a table runner or a red tablecloth

There is no need to worry if the table does not have red accents. You see, you can create an all-red decoration on a minimalist table by using it table runner or a small cloth rug.

Although simple, table runner red can make the dining table more colorful and thick with shades of Chinese New Year. Here is a recommendation table runner red to decorate the dining table at home.

Minimalist Chinese New Year Dining Table Decoration
Table runner 33x160cm Eye – Merah Maroon

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2. Prepare a serving container in the middle of the dining table

Minimalist dining table decoration
Use aesthetic serving containers to visually enhance the dining table

Use an aesthetic serving container model to be placed in the middle of the dining table. Thus, you can arrange different types of more attractive dishes.

You can use white serving containers to put special Chinese New Year dishes, such as chicken or duck, yu sheng, milkfish and basket cakes. In this way, all members of the family present can enjoy the meal more easily.

inspirational banners

3. Use a golden colored vase

In addition to the main dish, you can also serve pastries on the table with a golden vase. In addition to giving the impression of luxury, gold or yellow on Chinese New Year also symbolizes prosperity.

Usually, Chinese New Year pastry Served includes nastar, cat’s tongue, sago cheese and kastengel.

Minimalist dining table decoration
Yiruma dining table set 3 chairs – orange

4. Prepare Beautiful Glasses and Plates

Minimalist dining table decoration tips for Chinese New Year celebrations not only by choosing the table. In any case, we also need to prepare a set of beautiful dishes and glasses as the main cutlery.

If possible, choose cutlery that has a red tone. However, you can also use simple cutlery, like the tips below.

Delicia 16 Piece Jaden Cutlery Set - Chocolate
Delicia 16 Piece Jaden Cutlery Set – Chocolate

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5. Install a flower pot

For the final touch, you can place a vase of flowers right in the middle of the dinner table as a sweetener. Choose a small vase so as not to obstruct the line of sight between family members when they sit on a dining chair.

If the dining table already has red accents, you should choose flowers of a neutral color, such as white or yellow.

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Artificial Flower 8x50 Cm With Glass Bottle Vase G6 - Yellow

Artificial Flower 8 × 50 Cm With G6 Glass Bottle Pot – Yellow

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With just the five steps above, you can create a great feeling of Chinese New Year in the dining room. You can buy the various models of cutlery and decorations for the Chinese New Year above only for half variety.

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