5 tips and fun ideas for children’s soccer practice

5 tips and fun ideas for children’s soccer practice

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Exercise football Children succeed if they are excited. For this reason, we need to create a pleasant atmosphere so that your child can enjoy the training process well.

In football training for children, we do not only teach the basic techniques, such as dribbling, passing, tackling, and shoot. However, there are other things that you also need to teach your little one as a provision for his physical and mental when playing.

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With good preparation and practice, surely they can become reliable soccer players, right?

So, how to train your child in football?

Let’s look at some soccer practice tips for kids below.

1. Less Talk, More Action

As a child, children tend to listen less and prefer to do what they like. So, make sure you don’t keep giving instructions to your child.

They prefer to jump into action rather than listen to too much direction. It’s best if you can intersperse the soccer game instructions while you let them practice.

2. Group by ability

In football, there are many positions that you need to know, including goalkeeper, behind, striker, up to wing Well, you can first see the potential of the children and adjust to that position.

You can add exercises according to your abilities. For example, your child is more skilled in attacking techniques, so you can invite him to practice being a striker. So whatYour little one can be more confident and understand the task.

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3. Combine Multiple Activities

Although playing soccer is a fun activity, your child may feel tired if you keep asking him to do the same exercises every day. Therefore, you need to do a combination of every exercise you do.

For example, you can invite them to practice dribbling (dribbling) and kick the ball (shoot) in the first week. Then, in the second week, you can teach how to pass the ball (passing by) up to to face.

If your child has already understood various basic training techniques in playing football, you can invite him to play small games.

4. Interspersed With Funny Games

You don’t always take your child to play serious games, you know. Try to intersperse practice with fun and entertaining games. In this way, the training session will not be too stressful or boring.

One of the games you can do with your children is to invite them to take a penalty. However, first you can ask them to spin for 15 times until they get dizzy.

It would be very exciting if they compete to take a goal kick in a dizzying condition. You can try various other fun games so that children can be more enthusiastic during practice.

5. Celebrate the Victory

When playing football, of course, there will be feelings of joy and pain. Children may have difficulty performing various basic techniques in the game, including not being able to score goals. They definitely feel sad when they face failure.

However, you still have to give them full support while directing them. If your child finally manages to do the technique of playing football correctly or to score a goal, you need to reward him with a gift.

You can also invite friends to celebrate your child’s success by eating together. In this way, they will feel proud and be a motivation for themselves to be better.

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Here are five soccer practice tips for kids that you can try. To make soccer practice more fun, you can use this kid’s toy.

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Fun game ideas for kids soccer practice

You can also intersperse the children’s soccer practice with fun games, such as the following.

1. Red Light, Green Light

You have seen the series Squid Gamand from South Korea that went viral a long time ago? Well, R gameand Light, Green Light from film you can also apply to football.

You can ask each child to stand at the end of the field carrying a ball. When the coach says “green light” or “green light”, children can start dribbling towards the goal.

However, when the coach said “red light” or “red light”, they must immediately freeze. The one who moves will be disqualified, yes.

2. King of the mountain

Invite your child to compete to be the king in the field. You could use half of a soccer field and have each child stand at the end of the field with a ball each.

So, they must compete by dribbling in the goal. The challenge is that they have to try to keep the ball while trying to knock the opponent’s ball out of the field.

In this way, children learn to practice their focus and strategies. It’s great, isn’t it?

3. Simon says

Many people are already familiar with the game Simon says. Well, you can also play this game in an exciting football game. How to play is also easy, ie give each child a ball.

Then, the coach will give instructions starting with the words “Simon said”. For example, the coach says “Simon said to pass the ball to a friend”. Well, then the children have to follow these instructions.

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Those who do not follow will be penalized or disqualified. So, your child can focus more on playing soccer.

4. Dance to music

In the song chair game, there will be many seats prepared in the middle. When the music starts, the participants have to surround the chairs. If the music stops, the participants must compete to occupy one of their seats.

Well, you can make this fun game as a form of fun soccer practice for kids.

Just change the chair with the ball, then play some music. Children have to circle the ball while the music is playing. However, when the music stops, they must immediately pick up one of the balls with their feet.

This game can help train children’s focus, endurance and agility.

5. Piggy in the Middle

The last football practice idea that is also fun is piggy in the middle or half a pig.

In this game, there will be a person who acts as a guardian or called “porcine“.Seach player will be in a circle and must try to pass the ball to the other avoidingpig”.

If the ball is intercepted by “porcine“, the last person to touch the ball must turn out to be the guard. This game can help children practice accuracy passing by decide the result, until the ball fight.

soccer practice tips for kids
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It’s a game idea for your child’s soccer practice. Of course, your child likes to play football and can become a reliable player later.

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We also have some tips for soccer games that you can give your child, such as the following.

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