5 Thrifty shopping tips every Twin Date

5 Thrifty shopping tips every Twin Date

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Thrifty shopping at the double date promotion is really profitable. From the discount up to 90% to cashback hundreds of thousands of rupees that we can have. However, we also have to keep our expenses from being wasted.

Also, when it comes to 9.9, there are many discounts that will be available. Even if you’re off payday, it doesn’t mean you can waste money shopping on twin dates, you know.

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So, how do you save money when the double date promotion takes place?

Don’t worry, we have many ways that you can do so that your salary does not go out during the promotion and you can also spend it more efficiently.

1. Make a List of Needs

The mistake we often make when shopping on the twin dates is to buy a lot of products that are on sale. Of course, this makes us impulsive because we don’t need the things we buy.

To avoid this, it is better to make a list of needs first. For example, for new residents, you can prioritize the purchase of furniture and equipment that must be present, from the bed, rice cookerto the storage shelves.

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Thus, you can also buy the necessities at a cheaper price. The key is to prioritize needs over wants, yes.

2. Record the Hours Flash Sale

While the 9.9 promo lasts, flash sale so the moment is quite important because there are many products that are sold at low prices. In fact, you can find products with discounts of up to 70%

As in site online www.lacrymosemedia.com which owns flash sale every day from 10.00 to 21.00 WIB with a wide selection of products.

So, be sure to set an alarm on shopping apps and sites www.lacrymosemedia.com not to miss flash sale. Also, usually the number of products offered is limited, you know.

flash sale 9.9

3. Ready to install Alarm

To celebrate promo 9.9,www.lacrymosemedia.com has prepared various interesting promotions for you, one of which is product raids at a price of Rp 99.

However, you have to turn on the alarm because the product can only be purchaseda at 10.00, 13.00, and even 16.00 WIB. Of course, this 99 rupiah product is very limited, aka get it soon.

4. Buy branded products Buy 1 Get 1

To make shopping more efficient, you can invite friends to join you in buying branded products Buy it 1 Get 1 on siteruparupa.com.

Yes! There are many beautiful pieces of furniture that you can get 2 at a time at normal prices. So, you and your friends can work together to get many interesting products, like below.

save money 9.9
Products marked buy 1 get 1

5. Use Partner Payment Method

Want to save up to hundreds of thousands shopping? Well, you can pay for your purchases using it merchant choice only.

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The method is quite simple, fit again check out, select a payment method with a bank, Gopay, or Kredivo, then enter the promo code. See, you can get a discount or cashback up to Rp 500 thousand, as below.

save money 9.9
One of the partner promotion codes you can use when you check out

6. Use the Installment Method

Do you want to buy a 9.9 fit television, but it is too expensive? You can buy the product atruparupa.com with the installment method only.

For example, you can pay for the product using Bank Mandiri and apply the promo code below to get a discount of up to IDR 499 thousand.

save money 9.9
Special discount from Mandiri if you use the payment method

These are some frugal shopping tips that you can try when hunting for 9.9 atruparupa.com.

If you follow some of the tips above, it is guaranteed that your expenses will be more efficient in shopping.

If you are still confused about what to buy, we have several recommendations of products that are always discounted up to 68%, as follows.

save money 9.9
Proclean Mop Spray – white/grey

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save money 9.9
What is a 7.6 Cm Portable Fan – White

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frugal shopping
Krishome Set of 5 Teapot with Cup – Black

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frugal shopping
Mile 4 Tier Shoe Rack – White Brown Oak

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