5 Structures in the Evergreen Smart Living Cluster

5 Structures in the Evergreen Smart Living Cluster

Today, the housing provides exclusive facilities for its residents. The availability of facilities in residential areas will make residents move more safely and comfortably without having to travel far. To support this, Gardens at Candi Sawangan features various facilities that can be accessed in the cluster, one of which is in the newest Evergreen Smart Living Cluster.

Facilities in the Evergreen Smart Living Cluster

1. Swimming pool

The first facility you can access is the swimming pool. The pool can be a means to do swimming activities or just recreation with the family.

Evergreen cluster swimming column
Swimming column

2. Outdoor gym

Need a way to exercise? The services are already available in the Evergreen Smart Living Cluster out of gym that you can use to improve the health of your body. In addition to maintaining your health, you can also use this outdoor gym facility as a means to reduce fatigue after working all day.

3. Playground for children

For those of you who have a family, you don’t have to worry because in this Cluster, playgrounds for children are already available. The existence of this playground is very important for the growth and development of children.

In addition to providing space to move, playgrounds for children can also be a means for children to socialize with their peers. This children’s play facility is even safer because it is located in a cluster.

Evergreen cluster playground

4. A door system

For safety and comfort in residential areas, the Evergreen Smart Living Cluster is equipped with a door system. This single door system facility is a security system where the cluster has only one main door for entry and exit access. In addition, the main gate is also guarded by security officers. With this door system, your privacy and comfort will be guaranteed.

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5. Prayer room

In addition, the facilities that should not be missed are prayer rooms or places of worship. This facility is important as a means for residents to carry out religious activities. Its location in the cluster is also very advantageous, you can come more easily and comfortably. In addition to worship, the prayer hall also aims to strengthen harmony among residents.

Musholla cluster perennial
Islamic prayer hall

These are the 5 facilities available in the Evergreen Smart Living Cluster. You can access these various facilities freely. In addition to having a modern and minimalist design, the Evergreen Smart Living cluster is also equipped with Smart Home 2.0, which is an Intelligent Synchronization System that can be controlled via a smartphone.

Activities at home will be easier, more practical and more comfortable. Not only that, Gardens at Candi Sawangan is also located in a strategic location, with easy access and mobility, complete facilities, and surrounded by a beautiful and comfortable environment.

Realize your dream home with your family in Gardens at Candi Sawangan with the Evergreen Smart Living Cluster. For complete information, you can contact the following numbers (021) 7470 7959 or 0812 9360 6612 (WA) or you can also visit the official Gardens website here.